You Just Got Served Ralphie

(…OK, so the video has been taken down, and then put back up. We’ll see how long it lasts this time.)

So the team did make it in time to practice in Shreveport for the Independence Bowl match-up against Colorado. Only 4 players were late, but that was through no fault of their own. After that evening of practice, I feel comfortable in claiming that we have the coach with the best rhythm in the SEC (or at least the best at watching his wife dance, and following). I feel comfortable in this statement since Coach O was fired recently. That crazy Cajun danced like he coached: wild, loose, and care free.

Just see what happens when you play some Gloria Estefan around this man

Yes, I know that Fulmer has a history of dancing as well. But, I really don’t count dancing with a horse pulling a carriage. BTW, here is the original post of this YouTube video on The Rap Sheet.

As I mentioned above, it was taken down. I don’t see the harm in having a video like this, other than a few bloggers getting a chuckle or two. It shows me a few things: 1) Saban can have fun. 2) He is connecting with his players, you saw how he started getting into it towards the end when his players started cheering him on. 3) Recruits gotta respect a guy who could beat them at Dance Dance Revolution. Besides most Alabama fans are eating this up, much like we do with whatever Saban still does. Sure, the honeymoon might technically be over, but we’re still nowhere near any post-honeymoon blues.

(HT: EDSBS, The Rap Sheet)


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