Back On Board

*yawn* Well, I guess I should start posting again since Christmas has come and gone. I’m working on a SEC bowl picks post that should be up either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. For now, I’ll just mention two things that happened while we were celebrating Christmas.

The Alabama basketball team has now won 5 games in a row after beating both Missouri State and Iowa State in Las Vegas to win the Las Vegas Classic. I know, I had never heard of this event either, but it is nice to win something. Hopefully, we will extend it to 6, and then 7 as we have both George Washington and Clemson coming to Tuscaloosa in the next week. I’m going to try and get to that Clemson game, although I really have no idea what I may be doing next week.

I’m starting to get that feeling in my stomach where I think Alabama will end up losing. Why? Well, the mood of the players is not so good right now. Most of them appear to be venting their frustrations about a Christmas night practice (it’s apparently the only time Alabama could get to practice on the Indy Bowl field under the lights). I always worry about player attitudes when it comes to bowl games, and so far I don’t like what I’m hearing.

I feel I should also mention that I probably won’t be blogging as often come January. I have to start working soon (well, interning) and so I will obviously be focusing on other things. I’ll still keep the blog going, but I doubt you’ll see multiple posts per day.


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