My Suggestion To WVU


I don’t say this because of his stay in Auburn, or because Bowden has an annoying personality. I say this because Terry Bowden did nothing to prove to me that he is any good at running a college football program. Yes, he started 20-1-1 at Auburn, but that was with a group of players Pat Dye had recruited and coached up. I don’t like to use this as an excuse for explaining success, but I think Bowden proved this to be the case.

I don’t mean to paint Terry as a bad play caller or anything like that, because I do think he did a respectable job in that area. But, he was never known as a very good CEO of a college program. Tommy Tuberville is a good Manager/CEO, which helps to explain why he has had success at Auburn.

Bowden left Auburn in chaos mid-season, and hasn’t been in the college game in over 8 years. He doesn’t know anything about the Spread offense, probably would not be able to hire a good staff at West Virginia, and would certainly rub a few key boosters the wrong way.

I could be wrong. Bowden was certainly immature during his tenure at Auburn, so maybe being exiled to Orlando did him some good. But, I just have a weird feeling that Bowden would bring down West Virginia if given enough time. If he is hired, I wish him all the luck in the world. He might actually do well enough for me to start pulling for the Mountaineers….. but I just can’t see that happening. Just hire Bud Foster and be happy that you got one of the better DCs in the country.


3 Responses to “My Suggestion To WVU”

  1. Dividends4Life Says:

    He has been out of football for so long that it would be hard for a reputable program to give him serious consideration.

    Roll Tide!

  2. Dave(not that one, the other one) Says:

    I’ve always wondered who the Monica Lewinski looking young lady was hanging on Tiny T, in that picture. I wonder what she’s doing now.

  3. Joe Blow Says:

    I’ve always thought Bowden would be an excellent offensive coordinator…leave the CEO, and recruiting aspect out of it.

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