Are You Motivated?

We’ve got close to 2 weeks to go until our Independence Bowl match-up against Colorado. The Buffaloes seem excited since they went 2-10 last season. I guess Shreveport is better than nothing huh? In fact, one member of the Boulder media is wondering if Alabama will be less than motivated when December 30th rolls around:

On the surface, at least, Colorado should have no problem in the motivation department. A modestly successful season, a game against one of college football’s storied programs and the chance for a winning record are on the table.

In short, it’s the chance for the Buffs to continue to push the program in the right direction. There’s plenty at stake from their end.

It is the Crimson Tide that will be a question mark.

A team that started out 6-2 was at one time ranked No. 17 in the nation after a 41-17 win over Tennessee. But then came four consecutive losses down the stretch, including a defeat at the hands of Louisiana-Monroe, followed by a bitter loss to rival Auburn.

Any way you draw it up, it’s a disappointing season for the Crimson Tide. Throw in the fact that the seniors likely have little allegiance to first-year coach Nick Saban, plus the Tide players can’t be happy about returning to Shreveport, La., for the second straight year, and you have to wonder how high the Tide will be.

Motivation can be a bit of an issue at times., although there is a big enough break to get over whatever happened during the regular season.

One could also argue that this group of seniors will be highly motivated to avoid a 6-7 season for the second straight year. Besides, Colorado might show up and be a little too happy to be in an actual bowl game, while Alabama will show up wanting to get down to business since we’ve been to 4 straight. You could pretty much argue that both sides are motivated, although it is really pointless.

Motivation should never be an excuse for a team like Alabama. If it were, you would’ve never heard one word of outrage from the media and fans after the ULM lose. We’re not as demanding as we’ve been portrayed (Shula would’ve stayed had he fired his OC), but we certainly expect a good effort in preparation and performance. If we had to deal with a coach saying “Well….. we weren’t exactly motivated enough to win. Sorry about that….” the entire town of Tuscaloosa would go crazy. Coaches are paid motivators, and they should produce a motivated team. I think every SEC program would agree with me.

(HT: Woelk)


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