West Virginia Rumors Are Falling Apart


A post from West By God Virginia has been making the blog world rounds, giving Saban haters something to gnaw on for a few hours. It claims that Jimmy Sexton contacted WVU about the open coaching position, hinting that Nick Saban is not happy in Tuscaloosa and wants to escape to Morgantown. But, the only sources he could claim included a private message board post from WVUSports.com and a newspaper blog that only said it is not able to determine if the story isn’t true. Wow, what an amazing balancing act pieced together by random bits of hearsay.


If I can keep this going long enough to get EDSBS to talk about it, victory shall be mine!

Well, it appears that the WVUSports.com Rivals site is backing off this supposed confirmation since the West Virginia Governor (who happens to be very good friends with Nick Saban) decided to let it be known that these rumors are, in fact, RUMORS! Yes, WVUSports provides us with an actual front page story, although you do have to pay to read it. (But, I can provide a measly free message board topic, unlike our friend mentioned above). Anyways, here is the story if you want to read a sentence. Mix this with the fact that no real newspaper story has come out about this, and you have yourself an embarrassing situation for somebody. Of course, if one of my other options happened to be Terry Bowden, I might make up Nick Saban rumors as well.


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