Your Random Bama Updates

Three Alabama football players will not make the trip to Shreveport, including Thomas Darrah and Jacob Vane. You might remember them as the players that were arrested earlier this month on third-degree assault charges. Wish you could’ve started doing this earlier coach. It is also worth mentioning that the textbook players claim that they did not receive any money for their book deals.

Jimmy Johns has been moved to Linebacker, and seems to be enjoying it so far. I personally don’t know what to make of JJ to this point. He came in as a QB, moved to RB, spent all season as a Special Teams player, and is now moving to LB. His supposed stay in Saban’s doghouse might be coming to an end.

Naturally, somebody has leaked Nick Saban’s name to a job opening. This time, it’s West Virginia. This blog mentions something about Jimmy Sexton contacting WVU about the job opening. Look, I don’t believe that Saban is going to stay at Alabama forever because “his family loves it in Tuscaloosa”, or “He just got this monster house” junk. I think he stays because 1) Alabama has more money. 2) Alabama has better facilities and resources, and 3) West Virginia’s Governor just blamed Rodriguez leaving and college football’s moral decline on shifty agents/coaches. If they were to try and hire Saban, this would probably be one of the biggest hypocritical statements of the year. Of course nobody will remember it, but they probably should.

Besides, we seem to forget who Jimmy Sexton is, and who he represents. Not only does he represent Saban, but also Jimbo Fisher and Terry Bowden, who both have seemed interested in this job in the past. Sexton is a smoke machine covered in dollar bills. He knows how to send a decoy out in order to get what he desires, even if it makes little sense at the time.

But, if Saban does leave, Tennessee’s favorite son Paul Finebaum said he would retire…. so that’s something.

(HT: Paul Gattis, Ian Rapoport, West By God Virginia)


2 Responses to “Your Random Bama Updates”

  1. tidefanintn Says:

    The report about Saban to WVU has more holes in it than an IRS agent on a porch in West Virginia. Interesting note about Fisher, though–his buyout includes an exception for WVU.

  2. The Emperor’s Old Houndstooth « THE WAR EAGLE READER Says:

    […] left Auburn for Fayetteville at the end of this season, or even an earlier launchpad for the 2007 round of Tuberville-to-College-Station talk, please let me know – until then, I claim Finebaum’s […]

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