One Last Richie Rod Post

Because let’s face it, I don’t want a blog that only focuses on one guy 24/7. I have other stuff I care about. But, this is the biggest news in College Football from the weekend.

Yes, Rich Rodriguez finally cut his ties to West Virginia by heading to Michigan. I don’t know the exact reasons for Rod deciding to decline the job offer from Alabama one year ago, but it was probably for the best for all parties. For some reason, there is one loud and proud Kansas State fan who would like to express his feelings on WVU. Might as well give him a little air time. (WARNING: Pre-Teen cursing is involved):

Entertaining to say the least. I do have one last thought….

The more I think about it, Alabama probably got the better first family for our program. I’m not dissing Rich’s wife in terms of attractiveness or anything like that, but she certainly does not look like a mentally stable woman. The hair is rather scary.


You decide

(HT: Deep South Sports, Boys & Girls Club of West Alabama)

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One Response to “One Last Richie Rod Post”

  1. tidefanintn Says:

    A young Chris Crocker throws his support behind the Wildcats. Excellent.

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