Blazers Win

I normally do not talk about UAB, because there really has not been a lot to talk about for the Blazers this season. But today, they deserve some praise after beating Kentucky in Louisville by a score of 79-76. I admit, I cheered for the Blazers because of Alabama alum Mike Davis of Fayette, Alabama.

Davis really got thrown into the fire pretty quick after Bob Knight’s temper forced a change at the helm of Hoosier basketball. It’s tough to follow a legend, especially if it is your first head coaching job for such a high profile program. I think he’s a solid coach, but probably should have sharpened his teeth someplace other than Indiana. A lot of people has talked about Mike Davis replacing Mark Gottfried at one time or another, but I don’t know if that’ll ever happen since the Alabama-UAB relationship is still pretty rocky after Murray Gene Bartow wrote letters about Alabama (long story). But hey, I still like Mike.


2 Responses to “Blazers Win”

  1. Joe Blow Says:

    I love UAB basketball. I grew up going to most of their home games.

    That said, the rocky relationship between Bama and UAB goes well beyond Bartow’s accusations. In fact, the relationship was quite rocky before that happened.

    I could definitely see Bama’s BOTs and what have you using UAB as a training ground for coaches. Bama boys are now coaching UAB’s football and basketball teams.

  2. tidefanintn Says:

    Davis did a pretty good job taking over for Knight. He led the Hoosiers to a NCAA championship game. That’s pretty strong, regardless of who’s players they are or whatever.

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