Blah, Blah… Stadium Expansion… Blah, Blah

It’s that strange time of year between the regular season and the bowl games, which leads to rumors upon rumors. Normally, the biggest rumor mill involves coaching changes. But, after our latest expansion of Bryant-Denny Stadium, most Alabama fans have started a new rumor trend involving the possibilities of closing off the other endzone. From the Montgomery Advertiser:

Crimson Tide athletic director Mal Moore, in town on Monday evening to speak to the Montgomery Quarterback Club, outlined a planned expansion of the South end zone in his comments about recent facility upgrades made by the university.

After the meeting, Moore cautioned against speculation until the proposed expansion was approved by the university’s board of trustees. In an October story in the Tuscaloosa News, Moore continued to stress the athletic department was in an “exploratory phase” but the continued talks with stadium architects and designers appear to have moved past that phase. Moore said he would present a proposal for stadium expansion to the board of trustees “in the near future.”

“I haven’t talked to the board,” he said. “We’re looking hard at doing this.”

Yep, looks like another off season of message board topics like “SIAP: BD expansion coming soon!!!!!1!” Look, I would like to claim one of the few 100,000+ stadiums in the country, but do we really need to expand so soon after the last expansion? After we add the last set of upper deck seats, we really can’t do much else to increase capacity unless we try to pack in everybody like sardines by squeezing the seats closer together (see Neyland) or dig down deeper to lower the field and create more lower level seats (see The Big House). I dunno, maybe I’m just too bored today and needed something to talk about. Anyways, here is a picture of what the expanded stadium could look like after another expansion.


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