Assistant Coaching Changes

There was so much upheaval on Tuesday, it was almost surreal. Obviously, the biggest story is Bobby Petrino leaving mid-season to coach at Arkansas. But, there were plenty of assistant coaches that moved, causing vacancies and subsequent hires that should be addressed.

The biggest one in the state of Alabama involves the Auburn offensive coordinator position after Al Borges “resigned” (WSFA-Montgomery) less than a week after Tuberville claimed his contract negotiation was all about job security for assistants. It was widely known that Auburn was interested in Tony Franklin, the OC for Troy University. Well, it didn’t take long for that rumor to become fact as Auburn officially announced Franklin as the new OC (WSFA-Montgomery) Wednesday afternoon. Franklin is known for his involvement in the Spread offense revolution. He’s been teaching it to many different high schools across the country, and is very, very good friends with Rush Propst, the former Hoover High football coach. Currently, the defenses of CFB have yet to catch on, but I imagine they eventually will, as they always do.

So, Tuberville is ready to make a major change in his offensive philosophy. If I remember correctly, Borges was more of a West Coast offensive guru, but ended up playing a lot of the I-formation towards the end of his tenure at Auburn, which is in the realm of Tommy’s comfort zone. I know Tuberville will let Franklin do his thing, but he needs to let Franklin continue to use his style if Auburn is to make long-term improvements. They aren’t exactly set in every position for the Spread, but I imagine they will in a year or two.

I really like this hire, even if you can just attend his seminar to learn his offense (LINK). The guy knows his football, and should eventually have the Auburn offense in high gear. He has SEC experience at Kentucky, and Troy is a top 20 offense right now. It should be an interesting Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

In Oxford, Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt has hired Tyrone Nix of South Carolina as his Defensive Coordinator (USA Today). While Nix has gotten love as a possible head coaching candidate, I am not sold on him as a DC. The Gamecock fans seemed really unhappy with their run defense, such as the game against Houston Nutt and Arkansas. I’m shocked Nutt can’t remember that night. Our friend Cock’N’Fire at Garnet and Black Attack was expecting Nix to be canned by Spurrier, so I’m sure Gamecock fans aren’t too sad to see him leave.

Who will Steve Spurrier hire to replace the weathered Nix? Rumor has it, and I am not making this up….. Ed Orgeron wants the job ( WOOO! Could King Hummer return to the SEC as soon as he left it? I sure hope so. Can you imagine the mixture of Spurrier and Orgeron in Columbia? I sure can. It would be a clash of the titans (personality wise at least):

Spurrier: Well Ed, it sure is great to have you in Columbia. Why don’t you address the players?

Orgeron: Tankya Stepfh (slowly reaches for bifocals in shirt pocket). DaCoachO’s back fromhalong sobattticah! Da rebbah done madeah mistake! DaCoachO gonna lurnya sommadat goodowwfashunned footbaw!

Spurrier: Woah there big guy. Why don’t we take it down a notch? I think you just make Chris Smelley wet his pants. I’m not sure talking like a rabid baboon is going to make them play any harder.

Orgeron: Knawnsense! DaCoachO gonna takeussatodah nexlevelboi!

Somewhere in there he will challenge Shane Beamer to a thumb war, only to end up causing a dislocated finger for the poor Special Teams expert. But seriously, Orgeron would make a good recruiter for Spurrier, and we all know the Gamecocks could use a little bit more talent on defense.


2 Responses to “Assistant Coaching Changes”

  1. Thomas the Terrible Says:

    “Who will Steve Spurrier hire to replace the weathered Nix? Rumor has it, and I am not making this up….. Ed Orgeron wants the job”

    God I pray Coach 0 gets the job…imagine the unfettered access I could have to him and how it will help me bash the Gamecocks even more.

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