Saban Must Be Thrilled

Finally, he can hand off that “SEC’s villain” title for a little while to Mr. Bobby Petrino. Granted, he won’t win any popularity contests, but now he can do his job without everybody in the SEC complaining about what he had for breakfast (steak and eggs, because he doesn’t have to worry about calories or cholesterol like normal men). He can recruit, coach, and enjoy seeing a dramatic SEC match-up that actually has nothing to do with him when Arkansas visits Auburn (Yes, Petrino vs. Tuberville is going to be extremely interesting). You can tell he is excited. Of course, Saban can only express emotion through anger and loud, disastrous rants. You should’ve seen how he handled the death of his childhood dog.

Why did Freckles have to die mom? TELL ME RIGHT NOW @$&%$#!

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One Response to “Saban Must Be Thrilled”

  1. tidefanintn Says:

    I hope Saban doesn’t get too comfortable. He’ll be the villain again next year when Petrino leaves.

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