Deja Vu For Woo Pig Sooie?

Remember what a hectic coaching search felt like? As an Alabama fan, you probably should since it happened a year ago. First, we talked to Steve Spurrier of South Carolina, who said thanks but no thanks. After that, we went after Rich Rodriguez, who ended up accepting the deal in the fantasy world of the Birmingham News. But, we had been talking about Nick Saban throughout the entire process, even though he famously said he wasn’t going to be the Alabama coach (I still can’t believe he let himself get backed into a corner like that). It appears we’re not the only school to follow this format.

 Today, Arkansas received a rejection from Jim Grobe of Wake Forest. This of course, was after Tommy Bowden of Clemson said no. Starting to sound familiar? I think it mirrors the coaching search for Alabama. Let’s look at the facts:

  • Alabama went after Steve Spurrier of South Carolina, who got a contract extension from it. Arkansas went after Tommy Bowden of Clemson (in South Carolina!) who also got a contract extension.
  • Alabama then went after Rich Rodriguez of West Virginia, who was reported to have said yes, then back away at the last minute. Arkansas went after Jim Grobe of Wake Forest (both start with Ws, which is odd) who reportedly said yes, then backed away at the last minute.
  • Alabama had to suffer through people who weren’t really serious contenders claiming they would not accept the job (remember Jim Haslett? Nobody was even talking about him!). While the Tommy Tuberville situation was more serious than the Haslett rumor, he really wasn’t that big of a target for the Hawgs since he had such a big buyout.
  • Alabama wanted Nick Saban throughout the entire search, but had to listen to everyone else claim how he would never leave so quickly just to coach at Alabama. Currently, Arkansas keeps mentioning Butch Davis of North Carolina as a candidate, but everyone is telling them to get over this pipe dream since he is committed to UNC.

If Arkansas is to follow the “Mal Moore Plan” for hiring football coaches, then they should continue to keep Butch Davis on their radar. Just watch out for Butch Davis to be backed into a corner and try to escape by screaming, “I will not be the Arkansas coach!” Am I just reaching for comparisons here? Probably, I’m bored and haven’t posted anything of great value today. But, it is interesting to see how this journey is going for the Razorbacks.


5 Responses to “Deja Vu For Woo Pig Sooie?”

  1. tidefanintn Says:

    It all holds up except for Davis. Unlike Saban last season who was legally obligated to not consider any jobs until after the Dolphins’ season ended, Davis is free to do what he wants essentially. I’m not saying he won’t go, but he sure did sign an extension in an awful hurry.

    I’m wondering why they aren’t looking at a quality assistant, like Venables, or Muschamp, or Trooper Taylor, or the get-back coach for Delta State or as an absolute last resort, Reggie Herring.

  2. wescrimson Says:

    A hunt for a new head coach is just an opportunity for many head coaches being considered to get an extension and a pay raise in the easiest possible job with the lowest fan expectations, usually with their current employer.

    The increase in coaching compensation results directly from the NCAA’s equalizing the distribution of top players through scholarship limitations. If the players are equal then the remaining controllable variable is coaching. You can add a little assist by the pro head coaching salaries that also put some upward pressure on the college coaches compensation.

    The question is now can the NCAA or the conferences limit coaches’ salaries?

  3. wescrimson Says:

    Tuberville seemed to be trying to get his Buyout lowered or eliminated. Well if it were eliminated would he be happy?

    No he be gone.

  4. Joe Blow Says:

    I don’t think Rich Rod and/or Grobe “backed away at the last minute.” Those situations were the result of piss-poor reporting by homerific local media.

    I think Tuberville was a big target by Arkansas. Their local media claimed he was going to be the next coach (before Grobe).

    wescrimson: The whole buyout thing seems to be speculation by the media (look at the wording they usually use).

  5. crimson daddy Says:

    TD, replace Butch Davis and insert Bobby Petrino and you nailed it.

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