Georgetown Wins 70-60

Once again, the final score against a Top 10 opponent does not represent how a majority of the game went. Alabama and Georgetown both played solid games, but the Tide may have developed an issue in finishing games. Neither team was ahead by more than 4 points for roughly 37 minutes of the game, but an inexperienced Alabama squad was unable to keep up with the Hoyas.

I’m not upset that we lost. Georgetown is a great team that made the Final Four last year, and has a good chance at making it again, so I wasn’t expecting to win. But, I’m upset that we just were not able to get it together for the last 3 minutes of the game. A 10 point loss does not represent how this game went, much like the double digit loss to Texas A&M did not represent how well this team played. It should be noted that the Hoyas did what it took to win with a great defense and leadership. JT III is a great coach, and can win a championship in the next few years.

I’m not expecting much from this team since we have a lot of young and inexperienced players coming from the bench this season (not to mention the fact that Ronald Steele is gone for the year). I guess the one silver lining in all of this is the fact that our somewhat inexperienced team has a tough non-conference schedule to warm us up for SEC play (Texas A&M, Georgetown, and Clemson just to name a few). If we can use these tough match-ups to grow as a team, then I will be ok with a team that fails to finish against Georgetown. I mean let’s face it, A&M and G-town are two experienced (and very tall) teams.

Maybe it is just the fact that we had to go to OT to beat SE.LA that is pushing my disappointment. Oh well, that’s just how basketball goes sometimes.

If you want some GOOD basketball coverage, go check out what the Alabama Basketball Blog has to say.


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