Dave Wannstedt Has Influence

Yes, the Wannstache has affected college football more than you might think. What’s the most recent example of he him affecting college football? His team beat West Virginia on Saturday, which helped to send this BCS mess into new levels of controversy. But wait, there is more. Just sit back as I blow your mind!

The current Pittsburgh head coach and Nick Saban have one thing in common when it comes to their past; they both coached for the Miami Dolphins. In fact, if it weren’t for Mr. Wannstedt, Nick Saban would either still be at LSU, or would’ve left a year or two later for another NFL gig (he got a handful of offers during his 5 years in Baton Rouge).

Had Coach Wannstedt been able to keep the Miami ship from sinking in 2004 (4-12), Nick Saban probably would’ve stayed at LSU for another year or two, which means that Les Miles would’ve stayed the head coach for Oklahoma State. We would have never been taught that 40 year old men can take criticism. This also means that Alabama would’ve never played Mike Gundy in the Independence Bowl, which means that we may have also missed the famous speech by Joe Kines since we were defending Gundy’s inside trout.

Of course, most Alabama fans might ask “who would Alabama have hired after firing Shula?” Using my theory, Nick Saban would still be at LSU, or currently in the NFL in some other market. Would it have been Rich Rod or bust? Think Bobby Petrino would’ve taken the jet to Tuscaloosa? I don’t know, and I’d rather not think about it.

It takes smarts to figure this stuff out!!! S-M-R-T-S!!!

(By the way, Don’t ask me about Jimmy Johnson staying in Miami for another year either…. I don’t have enough brain power to remember what was going on when Jimbo was trying to be Shula-Lite.)

So, while people think Les Miles should thank Saban since he is starting a majority of players Nick recruited (No, I’m not trying to claim he is winning because of Saban’s players. Stay focused please), he really should give a very, very big thank you to Coach Dave Wannstedt for more than knocking off WVU. Thanks to the sequence of events following Wannstedt’s dismissal from Miami, Coach Miles was able to back his way into the BCS Title game against Ohio State. Heck, the entire world of college football should be thanking Dave Wannstedt. Who knew what one mustache could do?


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