Barack Obama Hits Tuscaloosa

Well….. not really. This is a rare political update since it does affect Tuscaloosa.

The Obama campaign has set up shop in downtown Tuscaloosa with their 3rd location in the state of Alabama. This should be interesting since they have a tiny, tiny space with a huge Obama banner waving in the front. Obama certainly got some attention down here when he visited Selma, Alabama earlier in the year. Of course, nobody could out-do Hillary’s stereotype of a speech before the Selma march ceremonies.


3 Responses to “Barack Obama Hits Tuscaloosa”

  1. wescrimson Says:

    Hussein Obama should do well in Alabama in the Democratic primary against Hillary Blythe ( Bubba’s name at birth) but not in a general election.

  2. wescrimson Says:

    Well Billy Clinton’s surname at birth was Blythe. He later used his “drunken” stepfather’s family name of Clinton. He probably was already thinking that “Clinton” would be a better name to use than “Blythe” in politics. It just seems that in return for the name, he shouldn’t have spoken so harshly about his stepfather in public and on the record.

    Now I don’t drink alcoholic beverage, but if Bill Clinton was my stepson, I am sure I would have, in excess. 🙂

  3. TideDruid Says:

    Unless Hillary if found in bed with a child, I doubt she’ll lose the Democratic primary. As for the Repubs…. I have no clue who will win, although Huckabee is starting to turn heads.

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