Hugh Nall: National Threat

Yes, the once Auburn Offensive Coordinator turned O-line coach has shamed us for the last time. How dare you attempt to keep LSU out of the National Title game with that chop block on Glenn Dorsey! Do you find it funny, Mr. Nall?! I certainly don’t, and I know crazy man turned CBS broadcaster Gary Danielson doesn’t either!

Be thankful for Tommy Tuberville Auburn fans. No, he may not be giving you very much comfort with his contract games, but he has protected this great game. What makes hims a great protector? Well, not every man can wrestle down the grizzly bear that is Hugh Nall and still keep a single hair from moving on his head. He saved Glenn Dorsey from a second sneak attack, allowing LSU to reach the BCS title game. I’m shocked he still has enough energy to offer up an “I concur” when discussing his contract in New York City.


Once he gets the proper amount of rest needed to recover from a Nall cage match, I’m sure he will come out and publicly announce his love for Auburn University…. or when Tommy Bowden gets the Arkansas job. Either way, he has saved us all from a national tragedy of epic proportions. Believe me, as a fan of the school that employs Nick Saban, we’re all properly educated on how to mix together football and national tragedies.

(HT: The Birmingham News)


2 Responses to “Hugh Nall: National Threat”

  1. Scott Says:

    As an Auburn fan I have head Danielson reference the chop block each time LSU has played since the Auburn game. If he and Verne are back next year I will be extremley disappointed.

  2. Joe Blow Says:

    Yes, both of them have brought it up every game, but to blame that on LSU’s near miss of the title game? I seriously had to rewind the DVR (several times) to make sure they actually said that.

    There’s no argument that Danielson should win the Pammy Award, but Lundquist ranked 9th? He’s definitely in the top three!

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