Lookin’ Like Shreveport

Well, the LSU Tigers are your SEC champs, and have a very strong shot at the BCS Title Game against Ohio State. So far, the signs are showing the possibility of a repeat trip to Shreveport, Louisiana in the Independence Bowl for Alabama (4-4 SEC). Our opponent would probably be the Colorado Buffaloes (4-4 Big 12), but nothing is for certain. Mississippi State (4-4 SEC) seems to be the Liberty Bowl pick, and Kentucky (3-5 SEC) will probably repeat to the Music City Bowl. I for one look forward to playing in Shreveport again because I don’t feel like having to play Central Florida (7-1 C-USA) since they are from C-USA. Sure, they are 10-3, but it is C-USA. The Big 12 is at least a high profile conference (Please, hold your ULM jokes until after the bowl selection show).


Besides, Colorado will give us soooooooo much material leading up to the bowl game if we end up playing them (as shown above). Dan Hawkins is one of my favorite coaches to watch in college football these days. He’s got the personality to match his coaching abilities, although people have forgotten this since they went 2-10 his first season in Boulder. But, he has gotten them up to 6-6 this season, which is an impressive task for such a hippie town.

So, I beg you bowl selection chieftains, please allow this match-up to happen. Sure, Shreveport bites a big one, but these two teams will give us an interesting game with plenty of personality. Look into your hearts, you know it to be the truth. Let Mississippi State play Central Florida, I know they’ll enjoy it. Besides, they beat us and got to 7-5, they deserve to go to Memphis (sorry Memphis Tider, I know you might be bummed).


3 Responses to “Lookin’ Like Shreveport”

  1. Jai Eugene Says:

    Memphis or Shreveport…both are ritzy

  2. Jai Eugene Says:

    i really need to get a new avatar.

  3. wescrimson Says:

    Well the bowl in Shreveport serves a national purpose in defining football teams on the brink of winning or losing seasons.

    It will give the Tide a few weeks of needed practice hopefully concentrated on the underclassmen returning next year.

    With wins over Texas Tech and Oklahoma in 2007, Colorado can be tough.

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