Miles: Stay or Leave?

If you’ve been keeping up with the coaching rumor mill, then you’ve obviously heard about the Les Miles to Michigan saga.

Yahoo Sports says he is going to Ann Arbor.

But, say Miles will stay at LSU.

If he is staying, then my previous post is obviously wrong. My bad Les….. my bad.


Well, he had a very, very short press conference in which he took no questions and simply said “I am the coach at LSU, and will be the coach at LSU.” Michigan was never mentioned as Miles addressed the media.

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One Response to “Miles: Stay or Leave?”

  1. wescrimson Says:

    Oh if LSU beats Ohio State, then the Michigan fans will become rabid ( Wolverines) for Miles. He will return home to Michigan like a conquering hero to help avenge all the Wolverines ( animal related to the weasel) losses to the hated OSU. 🙂

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