Recruiting Drama At Hand?

Currently, Coach Saban is hot on the recruiting trail, where he really needs to be right now. His latest stop was in Northwest Louisiana, where he went to visit a few recruits:

Saban hit Ouachita with recruiting interest in senior tight end Tyler Edwards. Saban spent about an hour visiting with Edwards and also had a home visit planned with him later Tuesday. Edwards will make his visit to Alabama this week.

Edwards, whose brother Eric Edwards played for Saban at LSU, is considering the Crimson Tide and Tigers, along with Florida.

Yes, he has been talking to Les Miles as well. No big football recruit in the state of Louisiana is going to be ignored by LSU. But, something Miles said to this recruit caught my eye:

Edwards said he’s talked to Miles recently too.

“I brought it up and asked him if he was really going to Michigan,” Edwards said. “He said, ‘Tyler, to tell you the truth, I plan to stay here for many years. I love it here. I love the town; I love the coaches. If you came here, I’d be your only coach.'”

So wait, Coach Miles will be “talking” to Michigan this Sunday or Monday, but he plans to stay at LSU for the next 4 years? If he does leave, Miles has officially gone on record with a lie. Think it’ll get serious play? Well, in the recruiting circles it will, but the ESPN boys and Dan LeBatard won’t think twice about ignoring this example. Plus, Miles got upset with Saban for him taking credit for the current position the program was in, as well as the allegations that Saban may have bent the truth recruiting last season. Could Miles, the KING of ethics, be lieing to a recruit?

Look, I realize that Saban isn’t a choir boy, but he isn’t the world’s dirtiest recruiter. If Miles wants to make a big ordeal about “F-ing Alabama” and our recruitment of Louisiana players, then he might want to just look in the mirror for a long, long while before he decides whether or not to wear the maize and blue socks. Lies will mess up LSU’s recruiting class if Miles jumps ship. Think the Tiger faithful will be happy having to deal with recruits wondering why Coach Les Miles lied to them? No, because coaches like Saban, Nutt, and Tuberville will soon swoop in to try and take them away. It may not sound fair, but all is fair in love and college athletics my friends. Well, except for dropping 6 figures for a Memphis player.


9 Responses to “Recruiting Drama At Hand?”

  1. wescrimson Says:

    Well spending six figures for a useless
    Memphis recruit is pretty stupid on several levels.

    Well it hit the news just a few hours ago that
    Michigan was granted permission to talk with
    Miles after the SEC Championship game.

    So Saban may be timing it just about right to
    talk with some of the prospects in Louisiana.

  2. Joe Blow Says:

    I don’t see this as a lie. He didn’t say, “I will not be the coach at Michigan.” Granted, he did say that he would be the kids coach if he came to LSU. That remains to be seen. His plan right now very well could be to stay at LSU. That plan could also involve keeping his options open, especially if those options lead to better opportunities (higher paid job, or leverage for more incentives from LSU).

    I think this situation is tit for tat. Coaches say what they need to to land recruits.

    This won’t get serious play because it’s a 17/18 year old kid quoting someone else. That’s not exactly officially going on the record. Plus, Miles didn’t say this to the media. The media are a protective bunch. They don’t like being lied to, but they don’t really mind if other people are.

  3. wescrimson Says:

    I agree with Joe on the matter of telling recruits what they want to hear or is needed to get them to sign up. If the coaches ever have to live up to what they say or all the promises they make, that will a difficult task.

    A coach in Miles’ situation has to recruit on the assumption that he will be there. That works out well for the coaches and the institution, but not the players in some cases.

    Well working out for 2 out of 3 parties isn’t that bad. The players still get an education in more ways than just academically. Anyway most prospects would probably not make a much better decision with perfect information and in any case, they are getting a great deal of information from many other sources.

  4. tidefanintn Says:

    It won’t get play because Miles isn’t lying to the NFL. What also doesn’t get any press is that the recruiting complaint he had against Saban is the same one that Michigan had against him over Jai Eugene, and that was a continued issue between him and his alma mater while he was at Oklahoma State.
    They all do it, but the ones that are taken to task over it are the ones who don’t host cocktail parties for the media.

  5. tidefanintn Says:

    Joe, it was a lie. He was asked if he was going to Michigan, and–at least according to this kid–he said “To tell you the truth, I plan to stay here for many years.” That’s a pretty blatant lie already whether he takes the job or not, because if that’s his plan, why even talk to Michigan?

  6. Joe Blow Says:

    It’s a matter of semantics. If I say, “I’m going to mow the lawn this afternoon,” and I end up doing nothing, then my statement is proven to be a lie. If I say, “I plan on mowing the lawn this afternoon,” and end up not doing it, does that make my statement a lie? My plan might include other stipulations. I won’t mow the lawn if it rains, I won’t mow the lawn if it’s dark before I get home, etc…

    Like I said, the only part that could be considered a lie is the fact that he told the kid he would be his coach. And I’ll say it again, that remains to be seen. Like Miles (or so he says), I say that I’ll be at my job for a long time. However, if a good offer comes along, I’m not going to ignore it. I’ll entertain it, maybe consider it, maybe use it for leverage come review time. That doesn’t mean that I won’t work my job for a long time, though.

    To take this even further, Miles said something that isn’t exactly 100% under his control, unlike Saban. Whether or not Saban was going to take the Alabama job was 100% his choice. The offer was on the table. It’s not Miles’s decision whether or not he stays at LSU. Sure, he can quit or move onto greener pastures, but he can also be fired. Would that make Miles a liar if that kid signed with LSU, and the LSU administration decides to fire Miles two years from now?

  7. tidefanintn Says:

    But Joe, in your examples, you cite things out of your control. If they fire him, he wasn’t lying. If he tells the kid he’s staying and then chooses to leave, he’s lying, and technically speaking, if he tells the kid he’s staying and then thinks about leaving even though he doesn’t, he still lied….unless we allow someone to change their mind, in which case Saban may not have lied either. And honestly, no one was really concerned with what Saban did being a lie. They were concerned that he left the NFL to come to a place that for years said it was better than the NFL. It was never about ethics. It was about insult.

  8. Miles: Stay or Leave? « The Tide Druid Says:

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  9. Joe Blow Says:

    Not necessarily out of my control with mowing th lawn. I could still mow it in the rain. Would it be smart? No, but I could still do it.

    My other example was comparable to Miles’s statement about being his coach. My job isn’t 100% in my hands just like his isn’t.

    I don’t think it’ was as much an NFL thing as it was a media thing.

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