Ray Keller Wins Case Against NCAA

Former Alabama football booster Ray Keller has beaten the NCAA in court. He orginally wanted over $35 million dollars, but was awarded $5 million dollars instead. Still, winning the case is probably the most important part for him. From the Tuscaloosa News:

The jury awarded Ray Keller $3 million in punitive damages, $1 million for mental anguish, $500,000 for economic loss and $500,000 for damage to reputation.

Keller, a timber dealer and fan whom the university severed ties with because of the probe, argued that the NCAA slandered and libeled him during the announcement of penalties by referring to him and others as “rogue boosters,” ”parasites” and “pariahs.”

The jury of nine women and three men deliberated an hour Wednesday and about five more Thursday before ruling against the NCAA.

Good news for Keller indeed. Sadly, it was revealed that Cecil Hurt had Keller co-sign a $4,000 medical loan for him in 2000, before all of this NCAA stuff happened. Still, Hurt made the mistake of never telling his managers of this relationship, which leads to ethical issues he must face. Are there any legal concerns for Hurt? No, but this is a big shot to his image in the industry.


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