My One Tuberville Post


An extension offer should be made by Auburn today or tomorrow. LINK

I’ve never planned on talking about Tommy Tuberville and coaching rumors for days on end, because other than the Iron Bowl…. I really don’t feel that I need to follow and comment on everything about Auburn athletics. But, I would like to at least go on record once as believing that if this story is really true, I believe it could just be Tommy positioning himself for the best possible results he could hope for. It is a mixture of leverage and payback. It is leverage since he can use the “I may be going to Arkansas” line to get a heck of a deal at Auburn. If not, he can become the Head Hawg in Fayetteville by Saturday. It is pretty much an ultimatum.

It may be payback since we all remember the board members and school President got onto that Jet and went to Louisville, Kentucky. This is Tommy’s turn to turn the screws on the Auburn board members who try to stab Tuberville in the back.

Of course, my theory could be total garbage if this is just a rumor gone wild (Which it very well could be). If Tuberville addresses it tomorrow, that probably means that he is staying at Auburn. He’s scheduled to recruit for Auburn tomorrow night, so I imagine that will be a big sign of what he plans on doing. Still, I’m leaning towards him staying put in Auburn at this point.


2 Responses to “My One Tuberville Post”

  1. wescrimson Says:

    Well now the buy-out on Tommy’s contract is about
    $6 million, so I really believe that the people at Auburn would love to get that kind of money for Tuberville and go out shopping for another coach.

    That is more money than Tuberville is worth, so a new university will have difficulty paying it ( or structuring a compensation package that does pay it).

    So Auburn really knows that they have a “win-win” situation whatever Tuberville decides. It doen’t matter who he does this dance with, at the end of the night, he will come home. That is unless he wants to pay the $6 million dollar buy out to Auburn.

    But it is in Auburn’s best interests to do a few things to keep Tuberville happy and encourage him to do a good job which will also help the football program currently and beyond Tuberville’s tenure.

  2. wescrimson Says:

    Remember too there is an retirement angle and it would be nice to know how long Tuberville would have to stay retired before he could back to work without having to pay the $6 million buy out.

    The other angle on the retirement is that I believe that many of the Auburn assistants qualify for an annuity ( fully vest) under Alabama State retirement plan either at the end of this year or next and that will affect the compensation package for his long term assistants.

    Tuberville would have to be very selfish to at least not wait until the retirement annuities for assistants are fully vested, especially if it is only a matter of another year.

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