Alabama Coaches In The Carousel

It’s the time of year where jobs are opening up. What current, and former, Alabama coaches are deemed to be on the market? Let’s take a look.

 Major Applewhite is obviously the one people are talking about in regards to Alabama football. The Tide Offensive Coordinator has seen his name mentioned for such programs as SMU and Southern Miss (briefly), but with Baylor grabbing up the Houston coach Art Briles, the Cougars have asked for permission to talk with Coach Applewhite regarding their head coaching position.

Applewhite has seen his stock soar up the charts in the last few years, but his lack of experience does bring up the question on if Major is ready for such a big leap. Personally, I think he will be a head coach someday, but still needs to work on his play calling abilities as a Coordinator first. Rushing things could lead to disaster for him, something that many people don’t want to see. Besides, Texas will eventually come calling for him. The Longhorn fans have been talking about keeping him on the short list for replacing Mack Brown someday, so he shouldn’t try rushing things too much. If he were to wait say….. 2 to 3 more years, he would benefit greatly from it in the long run.

Next, we have former Alabama head coach Mike Shula….. yes, Shula. Finishing with a 26-23 record in Tuscaloosa, Shula has landed on his feet in Jacksonville as the QB coach. Recently, his named has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Ted Roof at Duke. Should Shula take the jump and go for the first position in sight?

Personally, I would tell Coach Shula to wait a little bit longer. Moving the family so much in such a short period of time is pretty stressful. Besides, we’re talking about Duke here. Yes, Spurrier did ok, but he certainly wasn’t going to take them to the next level as he did with Florida. If Shula wants another college coaching job, he should probably wait to see what other programs with better football resources want to do.

I’ve heard rumors of Jack Del Rio and LSU if Miles leaves for Michigan, which would be kind of funny considering that he might take Shula along with him. Imagine having Mike as the opposing Offensive Coordinator for LSU. I doubt Del Rio would go there, but it is interesting to think about it.


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