AAFL is Almost Here

I know, please hold your applause. I have to admit, they do seem to be pandering to Alabama fans with Jay Barker, the commercials, and the colors they’ve been using. But, we do have four players already signed!!! 3 from Bama, 1 from AU.


I think Jackie Sherrill was going to be the coach, but something happened and he backed out. I guess castrating a bull can only get you so far. That’s too bad, because he would probably be the best coach since the list includes Shane Matthews, John Jenkins, and Ron Calcagni. Oh well, I hope Rudy Griffin and others do well. Funny bit of information; Joe Cribbs is the Alabama team Club President. No, not this Joe Cribbs…. THIS Joe Cribbs.


2 Responses to “AAFL is Almost Here”

  1. Joe Blow Says:

    There is no “seem” about it. There were several articles written quoting people from the AAFL admitting that the team would a while back that can confirm this. They had quotes about how they were gearing Birmingham’s team toward Bama fans. Much like the Tennessee team would be geared toward Vols fans. You can probably still dig these up on al.com.

    I could care less either way. In my opinion, this league will fold faster than the XFL. If their PR department is dumb enough to make statements that would alienate the Auburn fan base, eh…you know how defensive some Auburn fans can be. The league idea is cool, but stupid at the same time.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    I admit, I’ll probably stop paying attention after the first game…. if they even have one.

    Auburn fans shouldn’t worry too much, I don’t know many Bama fans who are actually excited about this thing either.

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