SEC Power Poll: Week 13

I think this might be the last SEC Power Poll ballot for 2007, but it could come back after the bowl games for all I know. What a crazy ride it has been.

1. Georgia

Orange Bowl or bust baby!

2. LSU

Yes, I knocked you down a notch. BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not really, UGA is playing very well)

3. Tennessee

I may be disassociated from the “Bama hates the Viles” club, but I think Fulmer and company will beat LSU for the SEC Title.

4. Florida

Te-bow [TEE-BOWE] (noun): Greatest player alive against middle of the road talent.

5. Auburn

Good teams and average teams are separated by how they minimize mistakes. Give credit where it is due, they were the better team.

6. Arkansas

With Houston Nutt gone, does this mean that we can’t make any more penis jokes?

7. Mississippi State

Christmas came early for Croom this year, courtesy of Coach O.

8. Kentucky

Almost guys… almost.

9. Alabama

Didn’t shock me that we lost, but it always hurts. Oh well, time for recruiting…. which I think Saban enjoys more than anything else.

10. South Carolina

Bama’s brother in the late season collapse department. Want to split the bill for post-season therapy sessions?

11. Vanderbilt

Looks like they won’t make a bowl game after all.

12. Ole Miss

I will miss this man more than any other rival SEC coach out there. I imagine he’ll find his way back to California somehow.


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