Bowls? Who Said Anything About Bowls?

So yeah, I’ve heard the gnashing of teeth in regards to bowl selections. Saban got paid $583,333 per win (he’s getting $3.5 million this season folks, none of this $666,666 crap is actually true), so it would be nice to get some post-season practice.

After Saturday, it appears that Alabama’s bowl chances actually improved, if only slightly. Both South Carolina and Kentucky lost (3-5 SEC), giving us a better SEC record/overall record combo. It is worth mentioning that UK did beat LSU. So, based on the standings and BCS bowl layout, Bama can go bowling. UGA also won, almost clinching a BCS bid. We finished tied for 3rd in the SEC West at 4-4, but MSU and Arkansas will probably got before us based on divisional record and overall record. It pretty muc appears this way:

  • The SEC Championship probably won’t matter too much, although Tennessee winning might actually help us a bit. The winner goes to the Sugar Bowl, the loser probably heads to the Cap One or Outback.
  • Florida will either take the Outback or Cap One.
  • Auburn will either go to the Outback, Chick-Fil-A, Cotton, or maybe even the Cap One (longest shot I think).
  • Georgia will end up in a BCS bowl game with the way things are shaking out. UGA must got to a BCS bowl if the SEC is to get 9 or 10 bowl teams.
  • Mississippi State will either go to the Liberty, Music City, or Chick-Fil-A. The same could be said for Arkansas.
  • Alabama will either get the Liberty, Independence, or Music City at this point in time if selected. Independence might be an option, although I’m sure the officials would prefer a different team since Bama was there last season.
  • Kentucky and South Carolina are about where we are right now in terms of bowls. Whatever the bowl game in Houston is may take an SEC team as well (Houston accepted a bid to that bowl, so I would rather avoid that one to keep from having a rematch).

The bowl selection rankings are as follows:

Sugar Bowl- SEC Champ or At-Large
Capital One Bowl- 2nd pick
Cotton Bowl- 3rd through 5th pick
Outback Bowl- 3rd through 5th pick
Chick-Fil-A Bowl- 3rd through 5th pick
Liberty Bowl- 6th pick
Music City Bowl- 7th pick
Independence Bowl- 8th pick

So, I still think we will end up in a bowl game. Do we deserve one? Well, that is a debate for another post.


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