Iron Bowl Advice

I’m leaving at noon today for Charlotte, so I won’t be posting for the rest of the day since it’ll take about 8 hours (depending on Atlanta traffic….ugh). But, I will leave you with a few words of semi-wisdom for the big Iron Bowl game this weekend.

#1: If a guy wearing Orange and Blue tells you to “Hold that Tiger”, just laugh and play along with a big Roll Tide. If a strange looking guy in nothing but a trench coat asks you to “Hold that, Tiger” run away and find the next police officer you see.

#2: Enjoy yourself with a good tailgating experience. Bring hot dogs, hamburgers, beer, coke, whatever you feel like. Enjoy the local Auburn food and zesty condiments.

#3: Take in some of the food, sites, and other areas I recommended earlier in my travel guide series. Some of it could be wet since it is going to rain this weekend.

#4: Enjoy halftime. Both MDB and the AUMB work hard all year long, and I imagine they’ll save their best for last since this is the Iron Bowl.

#5: Stay safe. Roll Tide and enjoy Thanksgiving!

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