Who Else Can Improve Football? Ric Flair

I’m not much of a political pundit, which is why I pay more attention to sports. But, I do keep up with the headlines and vote every election year. Somehow, the two have started to mix together. Besides, somebody needs to take the initiative since Newspaper Hack went on hiatus.

After gaining the support of both Chuck Norris and Ted Nugent, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has gained his third C list celebrity endorsement in the form of “The Nature Boy”. That’s right, Ric Flair has endorsed a Presidential candidate.

As long as he understands this is Flair country, I’m votin’ for Huckers!

How does this fall under the college football label? Well, Flair will lead a tailgating party before the South Carolina vs. Clemson game as a fund raiser for Gov. Huckabee. I cannot imagine how Columbia will be rocking under Flair. Well… maybe a little bit:

“Woooo!!!! It’s good morning to be the Nature Boy. I got a Screwdriver in my hand and I got to tell you that juice tastes sweeter from a freshly squeezed orange. Wooooo!!!!!!!!! Of course, everyday is a good day when you’re this good looking, got large bills in the bank, and all the fine looking ladies in their Sunday best lining up before the game. But, I didn’t come here to talk about that.”

“I came here to talk about the game tonight under the bright lights in the city of Columbia, SC, Gamecocks, Tigers. First, I want to congratulate the Clemson Tigers on a fine effort. You are truly one of the best teams in college football, but you just can’t expect to get in your pickup truck, drive towards Columbia, bring your team into Williams-Brice Stadium, the home away from home for Darius Rucker and the tendercrisp bacon cheddar ranch, and expect to come away with a win.

And all the fine looking ladies of Clemson…. well I think we all know that they are not going home disappointed because they got to come visit the fine city of Columbia, SC, home of the Ole Ball Coach, running around with that Cock’N’Fire O all night long baby!!!! Woooo!!!!!!”

“So whether you like it or you don’t like, you better love it, because it’s the best thing goin’ today!!!! Make no mistake Tommy Bowden; to be the man, you got to BEAT the man!”

**** WARNING: I realize that this is the 2nd wrestling post in a week’s time. That is purely coincidence, seeing as how I haven’t watched a WWF broadcast in over 6 years. We all grow up.****

**** 2nd WARNING: I really don’t have anything against Clemson, who will probably win on Saturday. I just gotta do the whole SEC loyalty thing with the Flair speak. You’re the only Tigers I ever pull for.****


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