SEC Power Poll: Week 12

1. LSU

How did Ole Miss out gain you?

2. Georgia

Sugar Bowl is almost assured, maybe even a BCS title match-up? It’s a very long shot, but not out of the realm of possibility.

3. Florida

Yeah, it seems so easy to beat a cupcake doesn’t it?

4. Tennessee

Life and death in college football can come down to inches. Just another example of the of the core rules of competition.

5. Auburn

Take Auburn in the points and in the game my friends.

6. Arkansas

Good victory for Houston Nutt, who appears to be out the door.

7. Mississippi State

Got exposed a little bit defensively by Casey Dick of all people, but who hasn’t been embarrassed these days?

8. Kentucky

Good effort, just not enough.

9. South Carolina

Feel safe knowing your title of “Worst Late Season Blow-up” has been taken away from you.

10. Alabama

It’s taking every muscle in my body to keep from sobbing like a newborn baby. There’s only one thing that can take away my pain that doesn’t involve the comfort of a female….. buffalo wings. Pile after pile of buffalo wings smothered in ranch dressing.

11. Vanderbilt

Typical Vanderbilt ending. Sorry to see the best in-conference upset of the day ruined by a short kick.

12. Ole Miss

I wasn’t expecting anything different. Still, the hotel theft was a nice touch.

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