Saban’s Iron Bowl Theory

Simply…. genius. Saban knows two things: 1) How to develop a set of words that always capture the essence of the topic at hand. 2) That Tuberville has the tendency to lose a game he’s expecting a win every once in a while. Saban is sandbagging folks! It appears that at least one Auburn fan isn’t falling for it.

Simply amazing idea Coach!

Here is what I assume Coach Saban is basing this on:

  • Auburn tends to lose more home games than road games since 2006.
  • Tuberville has a history of losing games that most Auburn fans expect to win. (I know, it is a repeated point)
  • Alabama will have the advantage of coming in under the radar in terms of an actual threat, hopefully causing many Auburn fans to drink an almost lethal dose of alcohol partying for their pre-victory party. Once they get into the stands, they shall be drunk and sleepy, taking out a large portion of the crowd at kick-off.
  • Brandon Cox is a nice guy. I’m sure he’ll help a fellow QB out by showing him that everyone makes a mistake or two. By appealing to Cox’s nice side, JPW will finally be able to come out and show the real JP Wilson! *I almost choked from laughing while typing this one*
  • Because he’s Nick Saban. If he wants to will his team to a lack-luster loss, it must be done!
  • He’s got basketball season to compete with.
  • Because…. just because, ok? I can’t think of any sarcastic jokes.


It didn’t happen, it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen…


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