The Apology Post

“We won’t lose…” (my game post)

I would like to make a few apologies. First, I apologize to the people who read this blog. I didn’t realize that we’re doomed to lose every game in November when it counts (or when it doesn’t count). ULM had a cruddy 4-6 record coming into today, making this the worst lose since Central Florida (Northern Illinois at least beat other BCS teams). I apologize for acting like this game didn’t matter, acting as if all we had to do was show up. If I gave you too much false confidence, I am sorry. I also failed to continue my copying of Todd in the embarrassing admissions area, so I’m sorry yet again. My hubris was unwarranted.

I would like to apologize to Mississippi State. Yes, you did beat us fair and square. The reason for this apology is because we just devalued your victory against us…. by a good bit actually. Sure, Arkansas beat you. But, we were supposed to be one of your biggest wins this season, and we failed to produced.

I apologize to Auburn. I’m sorry your 6th victory in a row won’t be much of a challenge. What makes this rivalry special is a competitive environment, which we won’t be able to hold up our end of the bargain yet again. I just hope we can keep the score within 14 points.

I apologize to the SEC as a whole. That best conference in the land arguement? Yeah, we (Alabama) really shot ourselves (The SEC) in the foot on this one. There is no reason we should’ve lost to such an inferior team, but we came out lacking any form of intensity whatsoever. We embarrassed ourselves and in turn brought a black eye to the conference as a whole.

I apologize to the Bowls with SEC tie-ins. You want a good, competitive match-up with fan bases that will want to travel there. Alabama fans will always travel, but your game could be a blow out if we continue to perform like this post-LSU team.

I would like to apologize to the team (yes, OUR team). Even though you and the coaches will be criticized (the coaches more than you, as it should be on this one), I would like to say I am sorry for the total lack of energy at the game today. We came in thinking this would be a blow out, so we showed up with the same attitude that you played with. We payed money for these tickets, so we do get to vent our frustration on the radio shows for a little bit, but we didn’t do anything to make it difficult on ULM until it was too late. I was there, I sat down with the rest of them. People booed, and that is always sad. I will never boo my own team.

I apologize to the readers one more time. I will actually be out of town from Wednesday until Sunday, so I won’t be posting very often. It’s not because of this game (although the timing is funny), I’ve been planning to visit my sister for Thanksgiving for a while now, so we’re leaving when classes are done for the week. I’ll promise I’ll do what I can when I can find a wireless signal.

What am I feeling right now? A range of feelings really. It turned from rage, to depression, to what is now apathy. It’s probably better this way, since my angry posts don’t seem to flow very well. These players certainly have an attitude issue that has carried over from previous years, but Saban has had plenty of time to at least get them over it long enough to beat a team as bad as ULM. Sure, the Warhawks have a respectable offense, but their defense averages 30 points per game, and we barely got 14.

I don’t know what the coaches and team captains need to do to get these guys to wake up, but they need to do it quickly. I won’t be complaining about $4 million dollars or certain play calls, because we’ve moved past that in terms if issues we must face. This team has a serious flaw, and we must fix that before we can move on as a program. Saban is a great coach, and has been recruiting as if his life depends on it (#3 on Rivals, #7 on Scout), but this late season collapse is unexplainable and inexcusable. Is he better than Shula? Yes, but today he let his team give up on him, much like Mike. I still believe he’s the best coach for this program right now, but he did mess up on this one.

John Parker Wilson did he usual thing. He had yet another costly turnover that resulted in an easy 7 for ULM (from the 1 yard line). He lets his passes sail, and he just doesn’t seem to be able to lead this offense when necessary. Still, this TEAM has a problem, not just JPW.

How should one put this into perspective? It’s the Gardner-Webb loss of the football season for Alabama, if not worse. Good night, and Roll Tide.


3 Responses to “The Apology Post”

  1. Scott Says:

    As an Auburn fan I still think the game will be competitive. I am one of those rare fans that cheers from Bama when we are not paying them (rare breed) but I just cant beleive what happened yesterday. Looking back on it, do you think Saban should have got rid of some player when he arrived on campus? Clearly the team isnt as talented as teams in the past but there is some talent. I just dont understand. Good blog by the way.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    I think Saban may have wanted to, but knew that if he did he would be in for a longer season that projected. D.J. Hall comes to mind as the best example; Jimmy Johns too. Still, it ended up costing him yesterday.

  3. braggonut Says:

    Does anyone know what DJ Hall did to earn the game, err, first half suspension?

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