2008 Football Schedule

Most people have been wondering when (or if) Alabama will finally schedule the neutral site game with Clemson in Atlanta. Saban has been wanting to recruit Atlanta heavy, so I imagine he will be pushing extremely hard for this to come together.

Just for kicks, I should mention that we’re looking to schedule our “Away” game at Duke in Atlanta as well for 2010. Coach Saban did mention wanting to schedule West Virginia very soon since he grew up near Morgantown, so we could end up with another game in Atlanta since I imagine WVU would like to recruit the ATL as well (big if though).

Back to 2008. Currently, our schedule pans out as the following:

August 30 Western Kentucky
September 6 Tulane
September 20 @ Arkansas
September 27 @ Georgia
October 4 Kentucky
October 11
October 18 Ole Miss
October 25 @ Tennessee
November 1 Northern Illinois
November 8 Mississippi State
November 15 @ LSU
November 29 Auburn

We still have a date to fill. There has been talk of moving Western Kentucky and playing Clemson the first game, so let’s go ahead and insert Clemson. I don’t know where that would leave Western Kentucky, so I hope somebody can help me out on that one.

Also, we could take an off date before Auburn and after LSU or we can take it in the middle of the season. We’ll insert a scrub game (maybe WKU? Although I really don’t consider them scrubs in the full sense of the word) in the middle just for the heck of it. Of course, this all depends on how the early season scheduling works out. Let’s see what it looks like:

August 30 Clemson (Atlanta)
September 6 Tulane
September 20 @ Arkansas
September 27 @ Georgia
October 4 Kentucky
October 11 Scrub game
October 18 Ole Miss
October 25 @ Tennessee
November 1 Northern Illinois
November 8 Mississippi State
November 15 @ LSU
November 29 Auburn

Certainly a tough schedule for Coach Saban and the team early on if true. We will get to at least make up for Shula’s NIU disaster, so that’s always a positive (I guess). Still, we’ll get tested early and often. And, if this is the true schedule, it would appear that both Alabama and Auburn would have two difficult schedules next season. This means both teams should be pretty battle-tested by the time of next season’s Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa. Stay tuned for more updates when relevant.


18 Responses to “2008 Football Schedule”

  1. Twinkles Says:

    >> We’ll insert a scrub game

    Monroe’s got an opening for October 11th.

  2. Yew Tee Hater Says:

    I pray we do play UL Monroe again, two words “blood bath”

  3. Taco Bell Soft Tacos Says:

    35-7 ULM this time, Hater? Better bring back Shula to coach that game. He didn’t have a problem beating the Fighting Nutria.

  4. TideDruid Says:

    Shula also went 2-6 in the SEC last season.

  5. Taco Bell Soft Tacos Says:

    6-6 overall, just like Mr. $aban.

  6. Alabama Fan Says:

    We better not play Clemson. They are going to be a top 10 team led my a ton of returning seniors.

  7. Huskie Says:

    I have to grin a little… I’ve been on a few blogs now and I luv how Alabama..Bear Bryant’s Alabama… are talking about revenging the NIU loss….lol…My huskies were a great squad that year (Turner is now on the Chargers, Sam Hurd is now catching balls from Romo on the Cowboys..)….it was a tough loss and I understand that…but it wasn’t some talentless squad that came down south and took it to you all

  8. bama Says:

    what u scared of clemson bama fan?…pussy. ROLL TIDE ROLL

  9. Justin Says:

    We ain’t scare of ya’ll clemson asses ya’ll the ones who don’t want to play in tuscalosa to be the truth but who cares looks like ya’ll choke in the peach bowl

  10. Clemson Fan Says:

    I think our game will be a good one, but seriously, the only reason we lost 3 of our 4 games (GA Tech, BC, Auburn ) were directly because of field goal misses. We’ve FINALLY recruited a damn kicker. On top of this, as Bama Fan said, almost ALL of our starting players are returning and we’ll actually be able to use dual quarterbacks. On top of all this, we finished 15 in the nation. Call me crazy, but I think Clemson may have a chance in this game.

  11. Custudentfan Says:

    Clemson definitely has a chance in this game. Talent wise clemson will be better. The factor will be if clemson can get over this atlanta curse thats been haunting us lately. Overall it will be good for both teams.

  12. Clemson Tiger Man Says:

    Go Tigers! What is a Tide anyway? I use it to wash the mudbutt out of my boxer briefs! LOL

  13. Bama is number 1 Says:

    the hell with all u Clemson fans Bama’s going all the way this year number 1 baby Roll tide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Bama is number 1 Says:

    o yeah and on my website im the guy with the red hair

  15. Brief Update « The Tide Druid Says:

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  16. bamagirl09 Says:

    Well All You Clemson Fans Sayin’ Yall Ain’t Scared…You Don’t Have To Be Scared To Get That Ass Beat!!! ROLL DAMN TIDE!!!

  17. Little Bear Cub Says:

    Roll Tide Roll Bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Marty Bulloch Says:

    http://scrubsepisodeguide.weebly.com is streaming all episodes of Scrubs online

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