Support Victor Ellis

There are times in life when the trivial things we argue about in the sports world don’t matter. Right now, Victor Ellis needs your help. He’s suffering from an extremely rare form of cancer. Currently, there is a tumor in his kidney, with excess fluid building up around his heart. There is treatment for this cancer, but it can be very expensive.

Former Alabama football players have rallied around Victor, offering their support in the form of a fund raiser this weekend prior to the football game against ULM. The list includes: Bobby Humphrey, Bob Baumhower, Kenny Stabler, Ahmaad Galloway, Barry Krauss, Tyler Watts, Freddie Milons, Sam Shade, Antonio Langham, John Copeland, Eric Curry, Freddie Roach, Rudy Griffin, Walter Lewis, Steve Clonts, Alan Gray, Coach Joe Kines, Coach Homer Smith, and many more.

You don’t have to attend this function in order to help Victor. You can visit the website Support Victor to check in on updates and the make a donation. If you can’t afford any form of financial backing, I encourage you to offer up a prayer or two. Cancer is a horrible thing that really takes a lot out of people. I’ve had many family members overcome it, but it has always been an extremely tough road to travel.


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