JPW’s Relief

John Parker Wilson will continue to take the heat after his last two performances from the fans and the media. I admit it, I’m as guilty as the next Bama fan (Examples A, B, & C). Still, I think we as a fan base have had enough time these last 2.5 days to let out our pure white hot rage by complaining about JP Wilson until our eyes bulge.

This is a free country, and people have a right to discuss whatever they feel like. If you want to discuss his actual play or the coaching, feel free to continue to call into Finebaum and comment (or laugh at some strange kid named Calvin, the kid who has yet to say anything of real value). But, I really can’t understand how certain fans can attack a player that suits up everyday for them by calling them a girl’s name, attack his hairstyle, or make a joke about his love life just because we lost a game. Keeping things is perspective is a quality that certain fans are lacking this week.

How dare you comb your hair the way you want!!!!

His life outside the football world isn’t something people need to be discussing on a regular basis. As long as he obeys the law (post-D.U.I. anyways) and shows he’s actually mature, I really don’t care to hear a radio show host suggest he could have girl problems. Personally, I rarely comment on a player’s personal life unless he does something dumb enough to make the news. I don’t even care about Tebow’s girlfriend! It’s just not important.

I haven’t seen or heard a majority of the fans doing this. But there are some, and they really are showing their lack of maturity right now. It’s amazing to see 40+ year old men act in such a manner.

The view up here is great!

I do realize that opposing fans may mock our players too. Well guess what, they’re opposing fans! Alabama fans should not say such things about Alabama players. If a UT fan decides to mock John Parker, that’s his/her own business since they represent a different team. Seeing Bama fans make cheap verbal attacks reflects poorly on not only the fans, but the University as a whole. Take pride in who you are and the guys that play hard for you. Will they screw up? Sure they will. Can you vent about how they didn’t play well? Absolutely, it’s your right as a fan who emotionally and financially supports this program in one form or another. But, taking cheap shots out of spite regarding a student player’s personal life is not something I will just ignore. Jokes are one thing. Spewing hate is another.

One more short observation: It’s funny how some of the people who dis players will defend their coaches to the death. Coaches are fair game since they are being paid to do what they do (as men who are 40). Yes, I realize player’s get scholarships and dorms, but that isn’t comparable to $2.5 million or more a year. At least the players put their bodies on the line weekly. Coaches work hard and their personal lives should be respected as well, but all of that money will leave you open for plenty of criticism.


2 Responses to “JPW’s Relief”

  1. wescrimson Says:

    Very good points TD, these are unpaid college players ( a few have a illegal business on the side maybe) and the coaches puts them in the game and you have to assume that they are the best players the team has at the position ( or in the case of the QB position, he is hopelessly chasing after windmills).

    Some observations of players abilities and/or execution of plays seems appropriate in both a positive and negative sense, but all the meaningless vindictive negative comments are way out of line and should be reserved for professional players if made at all.

    The highly paid college head coaches also seem to be fair game for fair analyses that may be negative. Anything else that may be viewed as excessive character assassination seems counter-productive.

  2. Joe blow Says:

    Sure, you can put all of the blame on SJPW (Auburn fan here, I’m obligated to call him that), but why would you? How many balls did the receivers bat down? Was he in the game when MSU drove the ball 52 yards to score 3? Or late in the fourth quarter when MSU was able to hold onto the ball for six minutes? Nope.

    How about this? Give Sylvester Croom credit where credit is due. He had a game plan that worked. Javier Arenas is Bama’s most dangerous weapon. Croom, unlike every other coach Bama’s played this year, recognized this and kept the ball away from him.

    Look at LSU. They kicked the ball to Arenas the whole game. Kickoffs? All to his side of the field! Of course, Miles probably had the mindset, “Kick it away from Arenas? No. That’s exactly what they think I’ll do.”

    I guess giving Croom his due would be too close to saying that he out-coached Saban. Like you said, some people will defend their coaches to the death.

    “or laugh at some strange kid named Calvin, the kid who has yet to say anything of real value”

    And that’s why he’s now a regular caller now. Just like Shane, Bobby, Jim, Iman, etc… He talks a bunch of BS with no real value that rubs people the wrong way. People seem to get so pissed off at him, but are too stupid to realize that if they didn’t call the show and mention him or his call, he would go away.

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