SEC Power Poll: Week 11

1. LSU

Same ole, same ole.

2. Georgia

People may criticize Richt’s recent trend of involving gimmicks into his game preparation, but it works very well.

3. Florida

I hope Tebow wins the Heisman so America can go ahead and get over him.

4. Tennessee

Will the real John Chavis please stand up?

5. Auburn

Texas A&M must really like to mess up college football in Alabama. Tuberville is probably one of the better coaches in America when it comes to getting his team off the mat after being embarrassed.

6. Alabama

*sigh* That goal line turnover was a back breaker. Wilson was never able to get over that and just played like a duck out of water the rest of the game. A guy with 20+ games under his belt as a starter should realize that you NEVER throw the ball when you’re not looking where you’re throwing. No excuses for how the game turned out, but that play is 100% his fault.

7. Mississippi State

I could complain about how they did almost nothing on offense and still won, but their luck has been so bad recently that it would really just be ridiculous for me to say such a thing. Croom’s offense needs a major jump start, but that defense is good in the right situation.

8. Kentucky

Got back on the right track by beating Vanderbilt.

9. Arkansas

McFadden’s Heisman watch is almost all but over. I still think he’s the nations best player, but he just isn’t able to succeed with such a bad QB.

10. South Carolina

The wheels have just fallen off of this bus for a number of unknown reasons.

11. Vanderbilt

It’s an uphill battle from here on out for the ‘Dores. Their best shot at a bowl is probably against the Demon Deacons.

12. Ole Miss

Time to shine Coach O. You’ve got LSU coming into town in a few days, with a trip to Mississippi State not too far behind.


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