Alabama 12-17


I am more upset that depressed about this game. While MSU’s defense played well, Alabama is just as responsible for this loss as MSU is for winning. Most of my rage will be focused on JPW and the Textbook 5. I don’t care what people may say, we had this game for the taking and refused to do so. John Parker has given up 28 easy points these last two games because of him trying to do too much with the ball. That 100 yard INT? Yeah, Wilson never even looked to where he was throwing. LEARN TO TAKE A SACK JP!!!!! It doesn’t help that we refuse to block for him. WE BLEW THIS GAME!!!

Should we blame Saban? Well, yes and no. I don’t know what the heck he and Applewhite were doing with that play calling on the MSU 2 yard line. Still, there isn’t much you can do on something like a 100 yard INT as a coach. He’s been very vocal about JP making smart decisions all year long, and has yet to see it happen consistently. I will always attribute this game to JPW losing it over any other storyline that comes out of here.

I will say this: I doubt MSU will be beating us very often for the next few years. They’ve been winning games on respectable defense and bad QB play. Saban and staff have been doing a great job on the recruiting front, and I expect this to continue. Besides, Croom’s offense will never work. They only had 211 yards against a pretty thin defense that is still playing above their heads.


I’ve calmed down enough to give more credit to Titus Brown and their defense. He’s a game breaking player and they covered our recievers very well. Yes, we never blocked him. But give credit where it is due. I hope to see him playing in the NFL soon. They took advantage of our mistakes, as you should if you are going to win. Hats off to a solid performance.

I also calmed down enough to realize that while JPW still made too many mistakes, this is a team sport. If Capps or Smith can’t block for him, there is not much else you can do. Give props to Tiffin though, who hit two 50 yard field goals.


5 Responses to “Alabama 12-17”

  1. bobbyjack Says:

    Don’t forget about the RT… he should try bullfighting as he ‘olays’ almost as good at the professionals.
    There goes the Peach Bowl… now we’re hoping for the MCB. Ugh.

  2. wescrimson Says:

    Too bad the Tide seems to have backups for most positions except for quarterback. Wilson really needs to spend a lot of time on the bench.

    It is really not a matter of finding someone better than Wilson, just someone that doesn’t play as bad as Wilson in his worst minutes.

    I just got sick of watching him throw the ball into the stands, especially at critical time. How can his receivers even try to get in the open when they know Wilson will just the ball away?

    But it isn’t Wilson’s fault, it is the bad coaching that doesn’t have a back up quarterback ready to play and have wasted a year’s eligibility on two decent back up quarterbacks. They may not be as good as Wilson, but more importantly, they may not be as bad either.

    Near the end of the first half down the goal line on the 1 or 2 yard line, Grant went back in for Lowe and couldn’t do anything. Why in the world would someone take Lowe out at that point when he had helped get them into scoring position? That was the stupid coaching decision that lost the game. Lowe could have most likely scored in two plays. Bama would not have needed to pass and the pass interception would not have happened and the coaches would not have come down on Wilson to throw the ball away, which is all he did the rest of the game. 😦


  3. Gary Says:

    Check out my blog if you want the real rundown on why I still believe that John Parker Wilson is a bad quarterback. I do play by play on what happened each time we got in scoring range in the 1st half. It wasn’t just one play…it was settling for field goals.

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