Starkville Suggestions

For those brave souls who dare entire the domicile of the Croomers, there are a few suggestions I would like to make. Starkville is a different place, so please be cautious and walk in large groups wearing crimson.

First, I suggest you go eat some MSU cheese…. it’s delicious. I mentioned this earlier in my Bama Roadtrip to Starkville post. Somebody gave it to my father for Christmas, and we ended up eating pretty much all of it.

I also suggest you avoid hurting any of the natural wildlife. No, I’m serious…. don’t you effing dare pollute or hurt the squirrels. I hear that if you do, an 18-wheeler will jackknife, causing massive chaos and destruction. Do you want to be the guy who is responsible for the death of a small older lady who just wanted to save money, so she bought a Prius to save on gas…. only to be compressed like an empty can of Coca-Cola? I didn’t think so.

Finally, I suggest we give some props to Coach Sylvester Croom. I know most Alabama fans don’t hold any ill-will towards the guy, but I know that there are still a small amount who have mixed feelings about him for whatever reason. He did things the right way, and has finally started to get this program heading away from the depths of the SEC. He’s a good man, and an Alabama alumnus.


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