SEC Power Poll: Week 10

1. LSU

They’re miles ahead of everybody else when they want to be. Still, I think their lack of discipline could lead to LSU’s downfall in the long run.

2. Auburn

They have recovered nicely since that 2nd half against LSU.

3. Georgia

Funny how beating Troy is now their best non-conference win of the season. I’m not dissing the Dawgs, I’m dissing all you 40 year old men out there.

4. Florida

Meyer thinks rest is for little baby men not named Tebow or Harvin.

5. Alabama

Played hard for 3.5 quarters, only to watch everything explode into a crimson fire of agony.

6. Tennessee

Who wants to win the “no, you go play LSU in Atlanta!” game that is the SEC East?

7. Arkansas

South Carolina could not control the offensive juggernaut that is Casey Dick. Fear the 86 yard QB….. FEAR HIM RIGHT NOW!!!

8. Mississippi State

Once again, the Bulldogs get yet another team suffering an emotional let down as a conference opponent. This schedule has played out nicely for Sly Croom.

9. South Carolina

I don’t know what to say about the Gamecocks. They’re really slumping right now.

10. Kentucky

I don’t mean to dump them this low, but I really don’t know what else to do at this point in the poll.

11. Vanderbilt

The battle for win #6 rages on. Wake Forest better watch out.

12. Ole Miss

Finally got off the losing snide against Northwestern State. Still, I think they could beat Notre Dame.


One Response to “SEC Power Poll: Week 10”

  1. bobbyjack Says:

    As much as I hate UGA IMO they’re just a notch below LSU. Their Oline is coming around and their D is pretty stout. Look for them to be the 2nd B(C)S team from the SEC (assuming UT wins out and gets blasted in the SECCG).

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