The Gut and I: LSU

Big game. HUGE game. So big of a game that I don’t know how else to describe it. So many different thoughts have passed through my head this week, causing me to wonder if Alabama does have a chance or not. I hope we don’t have to hear another week of “Saban vs. Miles”.


Reasons for my gut to say Alabama wins

  • Our players have had time to rest, which will probably prove to help UA more than LSU since they’re deeper than Bama.
  • Glenn Dorsey is hurt. I’ve heard about how the O-line should block low, LEGALLY, in order to make Dorsey check up since his knee is still not 100%. We’ll see how this actually works out.
  • D.J. Hall can burn most teams when they run man-to-man coverage. It should be interesting to see how often LSU actually runs this defense or not.
  • John Parker Wilson can play with the best of them at times IF he gets protection.
  • Our guys seem pretty focused. I hope this helps us to limit the stupid mistakes.
  • If we can score first, I’d feel a lot better about this game. We’re 6-0 when scoring first.

Reasons for my gut to say Alabama losses

  • LSU is LSU; they’re talented, physical, fast, and experienced.
  • I think only having Matt Flynn really helps the Tigers. Changing the QB too much can lead to tempo issues for offenses. Look for them to score plenty in this game.
  • Dorsey may be hurt, but he is still the most talented player in the SEC right now. I hope we can block him better than others.
  • Early Doucet is back, meaning that we have to deal with a guy we don’t have much film on.
  • I can’t explain how Les Miles always seems to succeed with these off the wall calls that don’t make much sense to the rest of us. I don’t like them, but he wins….. so how can I criticize too much?
  • We’re still pretty thin. I wonder if we can protect JPW. I also wonder if the Tennessee game will be the norm, or the aberration.

I think LSU is the favorite for a reason, but I can’t pick against Alabama. As a fan that prides himself on loyalty, it would be irresponsible blogging for me to do so. I think LSU can win *wink, wink*, but I’m picking the Tide in an upset.

In my ongoing quest to help Alabama win, I feel I must yet again copy Todd from Roll Bama Roll and provide you with some embarrassing fact about my life. You’ll have to read on further in order to find out. I’m providing a 2-for-1 deal here.

Back when I was a kid, I was a big country music fan. Nowadays, my tastes cover many different forms of music. But, back then I was really just a one trick pony. Want to guess what song was my absolute favorite as a kid?

Yes, I was a part of that achy breaky craze. I never wanted a mullet, but I always wanted to listen to this song whenever it came on.

My second admission leads us to my days in high school. The Star Wars prequels were starting to come out. A few friends and I wanted to go see Episode 2, so we got together and did our thing…. which included providing two light saber fights for those in the McFarland Mall food court. It was really just two of us since the 3rd guy had the benefit of being self-conscious at the time. I never dressed up, but I did carry my Darth Maul saber into the theater that afternoon.

Imagine if we had waited to do this 30 years later.


5 Responses to “The Gut and I: LSU”

  1. Willy Mac Says:

    This game makes my stomach hurt.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    The end made my head hurt.

  3. Joe blow Says:

    A) That is not country music.

    B) You got greedy this week with two embarrassing moments. That’s where you went wrong.

  4. TideDruid Says:

    A) Tell that to a 6 year old

    B) you’re probably right.

  5. Joe blow Says:

    I actually would tell that to a 6 year old, haha. I’m not good with kids.

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