Alabama 34-41

I’m depressed……………….

sad elephant

A few random thoughts:

Complaining about the refs is for programs that know they’ll never win. We had chances to run out the clock towards the end, but our offense just stunk.

I give a lot of credit to Matt Flynn. The guy could’ve given up after that 3rd interception. But, he got two good and quick drives out of that LSU offense and got the Tigers back into the game.

Saban and staff took a defense that is EXTREMELY thin and got a great game out of them. It just came down to the fact that our offense didn’t do squat after that TD to Keith Brown. Our defense was tired late (as usual) and we just lost.

LSU is stocked with talent, which is the reason why they won. My only complaint to the Tigers is this: Mr. Dorsey and defense, if you’re hurt…. I suggest you stop celebrating so violently when you make a big play. You’re just asking for trouble. Besides, it makes you look stupid for rolling around on the ground one minute, then doing a high stomp 20 minutes later.

John Parker Wilson has good stats (2110 yards, 18 total TDs), but fails to perform under high pressure situations. He went 14/40 in this game. I admit it, LSU has an amazing rush defense, so he was forced to do a lot. But, I still feel that he tries to do too much at times. He’s an up and down QB.

Kareem Jackson is a stud, plain and simple. 3 interceptions in the last 2 games against two of the better QBs in the SEC.

Now I’m worried about the Mississippi State game. We’ll be emotionally drained, which plays into the Bulldogs hands. No offense to them, but their two conference wins came against two down and out teams at the time. Saban better get these guys over this quickly.

Sulk tonight, and start to get over it on Sunday. We’ve got a big game next weekend for this program. We’re not there yet, but our coaches are getting more out of this group than anybody else could right now. Roll Tide!


3 Responses to “Alabama 34-41”

  1. David (I'm Georgia all the way) Says:

    I must say I have to give you a tip of the hat for not complaining about the refs (even though you have every right to; it was a catch). That’s being a man. Good luck the rest of the season. Pray Georgia beats Auburn this weekend, I’ll do the same for you when it’s your turn.

  2. tidefanintn Says:

    the reason I’m bitter about the refs is that I knew it was going to take everything we had plus taking advantage of every opportunity that LSU gave us. I feel like the Tide did both of those things, but had two opportunities taken away from them. LSU won fair and square, and unlike most of our SEC brethren, I don’t feel like it was a conspiracy, and neither of the two I think were wrong were during a drive in which we were losing, but it still hurts and it is still worth noting after the game.

  3. Dave(not that one, the other one) Says:

    yeah, but we would look like hypocrites if we were to bitch about the reversals, after the way we won against Ole Miss. You are right, we had plenty of other opportunities to win, after those call, and we couldn’t get it done.

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