Welcome To A Link Dump

I lost track of time tonight working on a project (real life and all), so here are some links of interest I found.

I posted a drive by LSU fans to toss out flower seeds on the medians of the highways near Tuscaloosa. The LSU student newspaper got wind of this and wrote a story on it. My favorite quote:

Jeff Kuehny, LSU horticulture professor, said the choice of seeds was appropriate, but he was skeptical of the idea. He said it would take up to a year to see a result. He said the flowers may not bloom because interstate medians are often mowed.

“You want to spread it in an area where they don’t mow a lot and also where the grass isn’t real heavy,” Kuehny said. “Otherwise, the grass will crowd them out and shade them out.”

Dang, they’ll have to really work harder than they first imagined. We’ll see if planting seeds in the fall actually works or not. I’m personally looking forward to it, if I can beat the mowers.

(LSU Reveille)

Want to see a funny video clip of Saban being hit in the face? BAM! GO to Baton Rouge’s own WAFB and scroll down until you see the videos on demand. There should be a small clip about Saban’s experience.


Hold on Coach, you’ve got something on your face

Coach Saban had his radio show last night. I think I heard Ivan Maisel on their as well (not 100% sure). Ivan is an Alabama native, so maybe he felt like a homecoming of sorts to watch a big SEC game. Saban did shed some light onto the textbook saga:

– The five suspended football players could miss as many as four games at the NCAA’s discretion.

– UA has not yet turned over the results of its in-house investigation to the NCAA but is “about to give it to them.” The NCAA will then decide on the players’ punishment.

– The school’s compliance office examined each scholarship athlete, going back “two or three years.”

– Saban also implied that the investigation began with another sport on campus and the football players’ names came up out of that audit.

For some reason, I’m guessing the suspensions will be 4, not 2 games. The University has been handling this pretty well; I imagine the NCAA won’t have too much else to say on the matter since all they care about is seeing the programs in question go through the motions.

(the Bama Beat– Gentry Estes)

I’ll have something more in-depth about the LSU @ Alabama game later today. Enjoy your Fridays everyone!

Should be fun for all.


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