For All The Marbles: LSU @ UA

Yes, it has finally arrived; the all out “I hate you so much right now!” game of the year. LSU brings a talented team that has been dealing with a few controversies over the last 2 weeks, (Dorsey’s chop-block, night club brawls). Of course, Alabama isn’t without issues of their own, namely the textbook 5.

Tuscaloosa and UA officials are expecting up to 130,000+ on campus for Saturday’s game, which means the quad is going to be jam packed. Two hostile fan bases in crampt conditions can only lead to arrests. I’m already feeling sorry for the TPD.

If Alabama is going to win this game, we will have to play better than we ever thought about playing against Tennessee. Sure, we dominated them like Spurrier dominates a box of golf balls; but it really did seem kinda easy towards the end. LSU’s defense is arguably the best in the nation, so I won’t expect another 40 point performance. Our players will have to focus on the task at hand and keep their energy up in order to win this game.

The fans have got to get into this as well. I hope this “Crimson Out” isn’t a total flop, but I would like to see some extra energy out there tomorrow evening. Scream, clap, stomp…. do whatever it takes to make noise for this game. I hope we make people forget the 2005 Florida game.

We can do it, I know we can. Sure, LSU has tons of talent and experience. But, they’re just as human as the rest of us at times. Besides, with a crazy season like this one, the upset really isn’t too far out of the realm of possibility. We’ve got nothing to lose if LSU wins, so we might as well go for broke.

I know that this season won’t matter too much when it’s all said and done for the Saban era, but it would be nice to grab a game we aren’t suppose to win. Stay safe and have a happy weekend.


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