Players In & Out

I’m in the library studying like a madman, so I’ll leave you with this simple update.

 It appears that the 5 players involved in the textbook situation won’t be playing this weekend. Can’t say I’m shocked, although it does hurt to have your all-conferece center out.

“Right now, we’re practicing like they’re not playing,” center Evan Cardwell said. “So that’s giving other guys a chance to step up.

“Everybody knows they’re interchangeable. (Offensive line coach Joe) Pendry makes that point every day, so everybody has got the right mindset.”

Caldwell and Davis — both starters on the offensive line — worked with the third-string line in drills during the media viewing period at the start of practice Wednesday.

Also, Coffee — the Tide’s second-leading rusher — wore No. 18 in practice Tuesday. Coffee was posing as LSU tailback Jacob Hester, who wears No. 18 for the Tigers.

Ryan Perrilloux appears to have been cleared, so he probably will be playing on Saturday. His team mates….. not so much.

Ryan Perrilloux will be cleared of wrongdoing in the nightclub incident last week. Sources tell us he will more than likely make the trip to Alabama. Derrick Odom and Jeremy Benton are expected to be dismissed from the team.


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