Ding!: Rush Propst Resigns

If you haven’t heard by now, Hoover High School head football coach Rush Propst has officially resigned after months of speculation. Rush’s exit can be attributed to the recent internal investigation performed by Judge Sam Pointer. This report released many damaging facts about Hoover and Rush, including news of a secret family living in Pell City. Propst will finish out the rest of the 2007 season as coach, but will take on another temporary role in the spring until the school year is over.

So, what does this news mean for Alabama football? Yes, I’m talking Bama pigskin and Rush Propst…. shocked yet? Don’t be, although this is purely speculation.

Let’s try to connect a few dots. John Parker Wilson is a 2004 graduate of Hoover. Earlier this season, Wilson was under fire for his up and down performances. Suddenly, Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News decided to give Rush Propst -Wilson’s former coach- a coincidental phone call. Rush pretty much started to kiss up to Saban and his staff, while defending Wilson at the same time.

At first glance, it seems like nothing more than a mediocre article about a coach defending his player. But, many different Alabama fans might just remember how many times Rush Propst’s name has been mentioned for an assistant coaching job in Tuscaloosa.

Rush’s name has been mentioned at Alabama for different reasons. Mike Price went on the Paul Finebaum show and mentioned Propst as a good candidate for an assistant coaching job (pre-destiny of course). After Nick Saban was hired at Alabama, he had a fairly long meeting with Propst, who has since publicly backed both Saban and Major Applewhite more than once.

Currently, Applewhite is the OC and QB coach. But, as the demands of being Nick Saban’s OC continue to grow on Applewhite, I’m starting to wonder if Rush would be a potentional QB coach candidate in the not too distant future. Am I sounding too crazy yet?

Here is one reason I have for this being a possibility: Applewhite is already starting to get his name mentioned for head coaching jobs (SMU being the first). If Saban were to bring in Propst as a Quarterbacks coach, he would have a local Alabama guy learning the offense and coaching JP Wilson (10 points for those of you who can make a connection here!). Then, once Applewhite eventually heads on to greener pastures, he’ll already have a guy in there who is used to his system. Propst could be promoted to co-Offensive Coordinator (or get the job by himself) and Saban would have some continuity on his staff. Nick already has one of Rush’s guys working for him (Jeremy Pruitt).

What are the chances of this actually happening? Well, a year ago I would’ve said there is a pretty decent shot. Now, after all of this secret lovers mess, I don’t know if it will actually happen or not. I’d still say there is a chance, but I have a feeling it has diminished. Besides, both Saban and Propst are control freaks. One has to wonder if Propst could handle a long term position as the 2nd fiddle.

Do I want this to happen? I really don’t care for the baggage Propst brings, so I would have to lean towards a no. But, it is fun to speculate….. right?

I’m sure I’ll get plenty of comments telling me I’m wrong. Just remember who controls the “delete comment” function……. *ding!*………… ME!

6 Responses to “Ding!: Rush Propst Resigns”

  1. Joe blow Says:

    “Do I want this to happen? I really don’t care for the baggage Propst brings, so I would have to lean towards a no.”

    Did you mean yes?

    I think it would be a bad decision to hire Propst. A lot of high school coaches in Alabama can’t stand him, and it has nothing to do with them not being able to beat him either. Having him on your coaching staff could potentially hurt recruiting. Coaches can and do steer their kids toward one college or another.

    I don’t think this will happen for a different reason, though. Bama has had enough controversy the past few years to last them a long time. Hiring someone with a background like Propst’s, not to mention the national coverage it’s received, is the last thing they want to do.

  2. gorjus Says:

    Because right now Coach Propst is such a flashpoint, it would be a bad move to hire him. The allegations against him are not something that will resonate well–“secret family” is dang weird enough, but the real thing the staff doesn’t need at this point is somebody with a history of institutional abuse. The secret family is incidental to that–that’s what Bama doesn’t need.

    (p.s. I don’t live in Bama and Tide Druid broke this story for me!)

  3. TideDruid Says:

    I’m glad I could give you the news before all of those “real” journalists.

    After Rush’s secret life behind closed doors,maybe he and Price would’ve gotten along quite nicely.

  4. F.C. King Links « Loser with Socks Says:

    […] Hoover High’s Rush Propst shows the world that Bama/Football/Cheating start early!! [RTR] […]

  5. Chris N. Says:

    I would not be to suprised at this point to see propst go either 1 of two directions… 1. high school in florida, or my personal favorite…2. head coach in arkansas

  6. John C. Says:

    I believe Propst in one of the best football coaches out there. He has led multiple teams to state championships. Not only is he a great coach but he is a great leader to the young men on and off the field. Not only does he teach them how to play the game of football but he teaches them responsibility and how to succeed in life, whether its at football or baseball or academics or whatever. Now i’m not saying it’s right what he did because it wasn’t but everyone makes mistakes. Any of you people on here that say you have never made a mistake, then you are lieing because everyone does it. He is just another human, and humans make mistakes. Personally it pisses me off that it is becoming such a big deal. I think it is totally bs that it is all over the place just because he is “famous” so to speak. Who cares about his personal life he is known for what he does on the football field and for the young men that play for him. It is the same way with all celebrities. A celebrity gets drunk one night, and within hours it is on news, internet, everywhere but any other person goes and gets drunk know one even knows about it. So who cares about the celebrity’s. Now once again i’m not saying it was a good decision or its ok but what I am saying is that its nothing to still be talking about its done he got punished very severely. He gave up his lifes work as the Hoover High School football coach. So I say he has payed for his mistakes.

    Now regarding the other schools looking at him. Hell yeah he is going to go somewhere and make them big just like he did at hoover. No school is going to pass up the chance to get probably THE top high school football coach in the nation just because of some stupid speculation.

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