I don’t claim to be the stud of all bloggers, but I certainly don’t think I am what the folks out in the country call “ugful”…. ugly and awful. But, it seems that Google thinks differently:


Good to know you have my back Google. I would request a boycott, but I realize that would go nowhere fast. Oh well, I still have my charm to fall back on….. right?

(P.S: It’s actually because of THIS POST I made a few months ago.)


2 Responses to “Seriously?”

  1. Purple_tiger006 Says:


    I’ve been fishing the blogs while at work and stumbled upon yours. Good blog. My wife and I are coming to Tuscaloosa for the game this weekend. We don’t have tickets, so we want to watch the game in a good venue. Do yo have any suggestions for us.

    We came to Tuscaloosa two years ago and had a great time. My wife and her brothers enjoyed themselves so much last time, they insisted we go back. Looking forward to the road trip. You guys have fun place to visit.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    Sure thing, I’ll let a comment on your blog.

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