SEC Power Poll: Week 9

Even though Alabama took the weekend off, it appears that the SEC decided to go and force itself into one big mess. Multiple teams still have multiple shots at their divisions, although it is starting to sort itself out through attrition.

As always, please remember to visit Garnet and Black Attack on Tuesday to see the results of the SEC Power Poll. Here is my current ballot:

1. LSU

There was some kind of bar fight this weekend. Apparently the bouncers thought Coach Lester’s hat wasn’t “dope”.

2. Auburn

This was an odd game. Auburn had 400 yards of offense, yet only led Ole Miss by a TD with 3 minutes to go in the game. I know Tubby didn’t want a complex offense for Saturday, but you have to put the ball in the endzone when you rack up that much yardage.

3. Georgia

I really hope a Dawg fan pulled something similar to this on a Gator fan:

UGA fan- “HEY! Do you know him?”

UF fan- *looks around* “Know who?”

UGA fan- “KNOWSHON!!!” *high fives buddy frat boy in red pants and black shirt*

4. Florida

This defense has been getting by because their offense has been able to move the ball. They aren’t very good at stopping people.

5. Alabama

I have a feeling there will be extra security following the Saban family this weekend as LSU arrives in Tuscaloosa.

6. Kentucky

State is a dangerous team, but I have a feeling UK wasn’t expecting the bulldogs to show up after that WVU beating they took.

7. Tennessee

Fulmer is hanging on by a thread at this point. Good win from a seasonal standpoint, but they still have some weaknesses that could be exploited by Vanderbilt or Kentucky.

8. South Carolina

Two things kept South Carolina from winning. (1) They didn’t do jack in the 1st half. (2) A visor-less Spurrier was unable to shield his eyes from the high levels of orange in Neyland, causing him to lose focus on what plays to call during OT. Yes, even at night the Vol’s highlighter orange is uneasy on the eyes.

9. Mississippi State

They get a bye week after blasting Kentucky. Color me worried since their next game is Alabama.

10. Arkansas

Thank goodness for easy non-conference schedules.

11. Vanderbilt

One win away from a bowl game. Should be an interesting match-up against Tennessee.

12. Ole Miss

Thank goodness for Andy Kennedy and the defending SEC West champs in basketball.


3 Responses to “SEC Power Poll: Week 9”

  1. Joe blow Says:

    Not bad, though I wouldn’t know how to rank the top four, aside from LSU. The bottom four is a little easier. I would actually put Arkansas in front of MSU. I don’t think MSU will be able to force that many turnovers against them because they don’t throw the ball that often.

    You shouldn’t be that worried about MSU. The two big games they won this year were all about turnovers. Auburn had five turnovers, and UK had six. Bama might not be the best team in the league, but I don’t see them turning the ball over that many times against MSU.

    It’s still odd seeing Andy Kennedy on the sideline in a suit. I remember him playing at UAB. He could shoot the lights out.

  2. Jai Eugene Says:

    You realize that the Vols beat the “dog” shit out of UGA? I made a funny, did you get it?

  3. TideDruid Says:

    How ’bout them “dogs”?

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