Bowls Surround You!

Well, this is the big week against LSU. If we win, we have the inside track for Atlanta as SEC West champions. If we lose, we’re really not losing anything except a little pride since we’re the underdogs. This game will have a big effect on our New Years vacations. If we beat LSU and MSU we’ll have a good shot at a January 1st bowl. Of course, this is a TALL order. Let’s check our current standings via the experts:

CBS Sportsline:

Liberty Bowl (Memphis, Tennessee)

Southern Miss vs. Alabama

We’ve all seen this match-up before: Southern Miss gives Alabama a tough game for 3 quarters. Then, Alabama realizes that we’re in the SEC, and we end up winning by 10-14 points. Memphis alumni would love this one in the end.

Cotton Bowl (Dallas, Texas)

Kansas vs. Alabama

What an exciting match-up in the NCAA tourna-……. Cotton Bowl? Yes, Kansas has come on mighty strong this season, raking up an 8-0 record to date. We should thank them for beating Fran, then attempt to smash them (which may or may not be easy). The stadium is old and the start time stinks, but this is one of the funnest bowl events I’ve actually ever been to. Dallas is a good town to visit.

Fox Sports:

Cotton Bowl (Dallas, Texas)

Kansas vs. Alabama

Same as Scout, although this projection is 3 days old. If it has changed by tomorrow afternoon I’ll update it for you.


Ivan Maisel

Chick-fil-a Bowl (Atlanta, Georgia)

Alabama vs. Virginia Tech

Mark Schlabach

Capital One Bowl

Alabama vs. Michigan (Orlando, Florida)

The “they used to have classic names” situation of a lifetime. They are still the Peach and Citrus to me. I even slip up every now and again. Of course, they should have updated projections this afternoon, so I’ll change them when possible.

I’m posting this well past midnight, so I’ll save updates for tomorrow/today during lunch…. maybe, who knows. The next great battle for the West begins Saturday.


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