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No Alabama football this weekend? No problem, you’ve still got plenty of options to hold you over for a weekend. I’ve already listed my planned tv schedule, but there are a few stories and links that are worth a look.

Basketball season is near ladies and gentlemen. The Alabama Basketball Blog (AKA Bama Hoops) provides us with a pre-season prediction for our guys of roundball. Without Steele, will we have to endure a long and frustrating season? Maybe….. maybe not.

Obviously, the story of the week will be LSU vs. Alabama. The 5 players that were suspended prior to the Tennessee game for the textbook issues could be back in time for the big game if this issue is handled properly with NCAA approval:

(HT: Paul Gattis/Huntsville Times)

Whether they’re allowed to return for the SEC West showdown against LSU could depend on the value of any extra benefit each may have received. If the benefit is deemed to be less than $100, restitution is all that’s needed to restore eligibility.

Even if the amount is greater than $100, the one-game suspension served by the five players could satisfy minimum NCAA rules.

According to Stacey Osburn, associate director for media relations for the NCAA, the minimum punishment in a case exceeding $100 is usually 10 percent of the scheduled games. In a 12-game schedule, 10 percent would be 1.2 games.

Osburn elaborated on NCAA rules without discussing the specifics of the Alabama case.

“The (suspension) for a violation of the textbook rule when it is over $100 is determined on a case-by-case basis dependent on mitigating circumstances, including the level of culpability by the student-athlete – if there was a scheme to defraud, and other factors,” Osburn said Thursday in an e-mail to The Huntsville Times.

Even if they are forced to sit out of the LSU game, it’s looking like the NCAA won’t be doing that much unless there is a massively long streak of improprieties similar to Ball State. I guess acting like you care enough will get the NCAA off of your back nowadays. I wonder if sitting out the 1st quarter or 1st half would suffice?

If you read TigerDroppings on a regular basis, you would be under the impression that: 1) Alabama is on the ropes, broiled in controversy 2) The only way we’ll win is if the refs make the calls for us since Paul Bryant Jr. has the connections in place. I didn’t see any LSU fans complaining about the refs last Saturday if I recall…..

Speaking of LSU, there are a few rumors floating around the message boards. If you’ve read them, I’d suggest waiting until Monday to see if they are true or not. No need to counterfeit a story.


This is too funny to ignore.


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