UT Ain’t LSU

Yes, I spent many sleepless nights coming up with this immaculate title.

Alabama fans are feeling pretty good right now after smashing Tennessee, and why shouldn’t we? We haven’t been able to beat one of our big rivals like that in a long, long time. But, I’m here to tell you that on their best day, Tennessee is maybe the 5th best team in the SEC. Their defense is porous, their QB is average, and their coaching staff seems to have lost that fire they had in 1998. Though this is a sign of major improvement, we’ve still got a good amount of ground to gain if we are to play in Atlanta in the SECCG anytime soon.

The LSU Tigers come to town next weekend, bringing their All-American talent, a rabid fanbase, and a coach who thinks calling a timeout with 6 seconds to go is for sissies that coddle their kickers.

Make no mistake about it, Alabama will have to play 10 times better in order to beat LSU. Yes, we did look great against Tennessee, even without 2 of our starting O-linemen. But, there is a reason why UT has given up over 140 points in their 3 losses; that defense stinks. LSU has one of the top 3 defenses in the country this year, even if they gave up 40+ to UK and 17 to AU in the 1st half (that can be attributed to LSU more than the other teams in my opinion).

So what am I trying to get across with this post? Don’t expect Alabama to look like we did against the Vols. Sure, I think we’ll give LSU a run for their money, but I’d be cautious about buying tickets to Atlanta too soon (unless it’s for the Peach Bowl). We’re still pretty thin in certain areas, and haven’t faced a defense of LSU’s caliber all season long.

If you think Alabama has a chance at winning, please don’t think I’m telling you that you’re dead wrong. We need plenty of confidence in order to play with the bengal tigers. I’m just warning those of us who seem to think it is automatic that we’ll beat LSU and MSU on our way to play the SEC East champ. Keep your chin up, but remember to plant your feet firmly on the ground.

Remember, we won’t be catching them off guard like Kentucky did. In fact, I think we have a greater chance of being caught off guard in Starkville than LSU in Tuscaloosa. But I digress….

The best way I can sum up my point is this way: Believe we can do it, just don’t assume we will do it.


7 Responses to “UT Ain’t LSU”

  1. Al C. Hemist Says:


    Good stuff.

  2. rtr Says:

    I think that small portion of our fanbase that could assume a win in this game doesn’t use computers. I’ve never actually met someone like that, but from what you read on other teams’ message boards, they apparently exist.

  3. be careful where you post Says:

    Given some of the shenanigans on those “other teams” boards, you can never be sure that the postings attributed to “Alabama fans” were written by ACTUAL Alabama fans and not by the blog owners – who change posts. There is one blog where that has run rampant – especially after a certain embarrassing loss after a great deal of boasting prior to said game.

  4. be careful where you post Says:

    I find this much highly interesting about the “delusional bammers” certain other bloggers talk about; you can have a blogger who is, say, a fan of UT. This blogger spends all day 24/7 talking about “classless ‘Bama fans” and as proof points out off-color posts on his blog from “bammers.” However, what the guy doesn’t tell you is that HE – the UT blogger – wrote those posts (often altering posts submittee by others, but sometimes inventing the posts entirely), then turned around and cited them as “proof” of ‘Bama’s fans being “classless.”

    Now that is truly bizarre – and that actually happens. That is a fact. Kind of sad actually.

  5. crimsondaddy Says:

    Be Careful,
    I know the exact blog you’re talking about.

  6. be careful where you post Says:

    It is getting worse by the second. I think that Jai guy could not handle the Alabama loss to UT so he has thrown everything out the window as far as credibility. I think it is kind of pathetic the way he pretends to be ‘Bama posters that are known to blog readers and writes stuff to try to discredit them. It’s really very sad.

  7. be careful where you post Says:

    I like reading blogs. I like seeing different points of view and I don’t mind seeing stuff I don’t agree with – that’s what makes the things fun and interesting. It is just kind of chilling to think that the blogmaster will only allow his voice – under his own name and other people’s names he has truly “assumed” (in the worst possible way-by altering posts) – to be heard.

    Like the guy said, it’s Jai’s blog. But if he wants to be the sole poster, then don’t even HAVE a “comments” section. That would be honest, and right now that is a thuddingly dishonest blog.

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