SEC Power Poll: Week 8

1. LSU

Les Miles has done nothing to prove that LSU wins because of him. That call was amazingly dumb. Still, he hires good assistants and lets them use that massive amount of talent to win.

2. Florida

Gators win. Urban Meyer has Georgia on his mind.

3. Auburn

Awful spot for that ball. Still, Tubby and crew should have challenged it. What’s with the squib kick call?

4. Kentucky

The end of the world was averted thanks to Urbz. The 5th Horseman is still safely at bay in the bluegrass state.

5. Alabama

This was the conversation between my father and I when Alabama had the game in hand against UT:

Dad- “WOO! So, do you want to leave now or wait until….”


6. South Carolina


7. Georgia

Dawgs are rested and waiting for the gators. Richt should probably close practice from here on out since it helped him so much in Tuscaloosa.

8. Tennessee

I can taste your fear Phil. It tastes like………victory (and potato chips).

9. Arkansas

Thank you so much for forcing Ole Miss to get over that call.

10. Vanderbilt

They finally got over the hump. Kudos to Steve Martin and the gang.

11. Mississippi State

I remember hearing all week long how that 24 point spread was total garbage. Final Score: WVU 38-MSU 13. Still, I think they can upset the Tide in Starkville.

12. Ole Miss

This is what happens when you study film from your last game more than the film for the next game.


One Response to “SEC Power Poll: Week 8”

  1. Joe blow Says:

    Tubs said he didn’t challenge because he didn’t know. It was on the opposite side of the field. I think the worst call of the game was on Hester’s touchdown. You can’t negate a penalty from a replay. Are SEC refs making up their own rules this year?

    Good win for Bama. Tennessee gave up late in the third quarter.

    With Ole Miss, it’s very hard to bounce back after losing the way they did last week.

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