Calming Down on Sunday

Well, I admit I have gotten a little bit worked up these past 24 hours. The Bama-UT rivalry is an emotional event, so I doubt I was the only one pumped after that game. I got to enjoy some bratwurst, hot dogs, and hamburgers after heading back to the quad. No, I did not enjoy a cigar-as is tradition- after the game. I don’t smoke and I plan to keep it that way.

Most people will want to focus on the 41 points scored. While I can’t blame them, I find the 2nd half shut-out more impressive. Tennessee was averaging 34.3 PPG coming into this event. They were well on there way after halftime with 17 points. But, our defensive unit that is thinner than most of the teams they face this season, did a superb job.

Karem Jackson is a total stud, after landing 2 interceptions during this game. His first interception was a beautiful grab right in front of a Vol receiver. His 2nd INT pretty much helped to seal the deal. Look out Simeon.

Speaking of studs, how about John Parker Wilson and DJ Hall? JPW now has 14 TDs ( 11 passing, 3 rushing) and 1876 yards passing. Hall set a single game record at Alabama with his 13 receptions, running up 185 yards and 2 TDs. Pre-Season SEC snub of the year perhaps? Hall should have his 2nd straight 1000 yard season by the end of the year if he stays healthy.

Like a fine wine, the game got better with age

I’ve heard people claim that the play clock malfunction was intentionally done to favor Alabama. I have to call bull crap on that one since it happened when both teams had the ball. It was just a malfunction that seemed to happen on and off.

The 5 players suspended for the books issue leave me feeling really disappointed. Ball State had a similar issue, getting 2 years probation with a loss of 3 scholarships. Still, BSU was sited with lack of institutional control since they really didn’t do anything about it. Alabama discovered it, has reported it, and will probably keep those 5 out for the remainder of the season. A majority of the NCAA probations handed out had the teams in question not doing everything they could to report the issues (or giving away one team to save your own from Tee-gate).

Will we get some probation? I don’t know. It depends on the time frame and if it is limited to these 5 guys. Right now, I doubt any UA official is involved since it’s been reported so quickly, but you never know with the NCAA. They can pick and choose who they want to punish nowadays (Reggie Bush ring a bell?). I do think there should be a better way to get the players their books, such as sending in their schedules as a group to the book store and having them delivered to the athletic department. I know the Ferguson Supply Store could get a van or two to handle that, totally erase the temptation to do whatever the players did.

Still, we control our own destiny in the SEC with the best in conference record right now (tied with LSU at 4-1). 6-2 is ahead of the pre-season pick of 5-3 at this point. We’re nowhere near where we want to be, but it is nice to be able to at least have a say in who goes to Atlanta this season. Yes, I say it: we’re not in the top 4 of the SEC right now. We’ve gotten better with solid play calling and coaching, but we’re still pretty thin in a lot of areas.

LSU comes to town after the luckiest ending I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if Les Miles is just crazy, dumb, or both. Auburn got jipped because of that bad spot, but the Tigers of AU should’ve challenged it since they had time to do so. Therefore, I can’t really attribute LSU winning the game to that, just an amazing play by a talented group.

These last 3 games for LSU helps us to believe that LSU wins despite Les Miles since they have so much talent. He’s not a bad coach by any means, but he just seems to make these calls that make no sense whatsoever every game. That was WAAAY too risky of a call with 6 seconds left. If the Auburn player had even turned slightly there would’ve been a bobble and the clock would end at :00.

I’ll try to avoid a lot of arguing this week, although I can’t promise anything. Stay safe and Roll Tide!


3 Responses to “Calming Down on Sunday”

  1. Pete Holiday Says:

    Is this really what you meant to write? “I have to call bull crap on that one since it happened during a long UT drive, and then started back up for Bama the next drive.”

  2. TideDruid Says:

    Well, yes and no. I probably should’ve been more specific, so I’ll just change it.

    I meant to say that the clock went out when UT had the ball, meaning that they could’ve had a late snap or two and nobody would’ve noticed. But, it worked both ways so it really isn’t that big of an issue. Gosh, I love typos.

  3. wescrimson Says:

    Yes “Lucky Les” will soon meet “Nick the Nixer” who will steal his magic back from LSU.

    Well a big 3 point plus win over LSU would sure be nice. Then the trip to Baton Rouge in 2008 could be shorter by one Les Miles, as the LSU head coach heads home to Michigan. 🙂

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